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August 13, 2020

Cameron Sisk

Bandon, Oregon, USA

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Quick Quotes

Q. How excited are you? You've been this far in the Junior before but this is a little different, I think.

CAMERON SISK: Yeah, for sure. This is a whole new level. But yeah, I'm pumped. I'm playing well. Mentally I think I'm doing great, handling the conditions really well. Just managing myself through the golf course really well, and hopefully I can just keep that going.

Q. It has to be even more exciting when you think that you came out of a playoff and what you had to do to get here, especially after your opening round and then you came back great.


Q. All these hurdles you had to make to get to this point.

CAMERON SISK: Yeah, I mean, I put myself in a terrible position after the first round. I was playing -- I played the practice round well at Bandon Dunes so I knew I could get something going if a few things went my way, and sure enough, a few things went my way and posted 66 and that got me into a playoff. The birdie on the playoff hole was just -- that was probably the most clutch putt I've made all week. Without that I wouldn't be here right now. Yeah, I'm just grinding my way through match play right now and kind of playing with -- I have a lot to lose but I'm just happy to be in the situation that I am now because I could have easily not been where I am right now.

Q. When you get out of a playoff like that, is there a sense of relief and calmness that comes over you?

CAMERON SISK: Yeah, I mean, I guess so. Definitely a relief. But then again, I've got to prepare myself to play the No. 3 seed later that afternoon, and that was a tough match. I played really, really well and had to hold him off because he played well, as well. So yeah, it was a solid day, solid morning.

Q. This afternoon obviously the wind was pretty extreme.


Q. What kind of things did you have to do to not only play in the wind but keep yourself mentally strong in the conditions?

CAMERON SISK: Yeah, you know, it's gotten pretty close to -- the wind has just been howling all week. I've learned to play -- flight the ball a certain way. Going through the course several times, too, you have the same sort of yardages so you learn a lot from that, and then you kind of just judge based on the wind you had the last time you played the round. But yeah, it was brutal. Definitely a lot of half swings, keep it under the wind and hitting 6-irons from 240 yards. It's crazy.

Q. And this match was tight, too, but then you broke it open there on the back nine. Tell us about that run that you made between 11 and 15.

CAMERON SISK: Yeah, 11, that was a blessing. It was just on the front fringe and hit a good putt. It was going -- it probably would have ended up three or four feet by, but it went in, hit the flagstick, so that was a relief. And then on 12 I hit a really, really good shot, considering the conditions, to about 35 feet. He put himself in an okay spot but didn't hit the best second shot, so he made bogey. I had a tap-in par there. I hit one of the best approach shots this week on 13, the par-5, hit a 7-iron to about 15-ish feet for eagle, and he was struggling to make par there. After that I was really comfortable, in a groove. And then 14 he put it in the bunker, had to punch out. I made a routine par. I had a really good shot on 15, too, to about 20 feet. Wasn't expecting to make that, but it went in, and that was that.

Q. And your father is on the bag the whole way?


Q. How much is he helping you, especially when you've got to make some decisions out there and he's got to help you trust what decision you're making?

CAMERON SISK: Yeah, at the end of the day he lets me decide what I want to do, but it's definitely nice to have someone who knows my game so well to feed off of and make decisions with because out there by yourself, you can doubt yourself a lot, and to have that person to confirm things with and commit to a shot, it's really nice.

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