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November 10, 2000

Tiger Woods


Q. Many congratulations. In difficult conditions, you must be pretty pleased with a 69.

TIGER WOODS: Very pleased. I grind my way around this golf course. I played hard; and consequently, I was able to shoot a nice number and get myself right back in the tournament.

Q. I know that 17 has been a real bogey hole for you so far. But you've recovered.

TIGER WOODS: That's a great shot in there, too, with a 9-iron. But the problem is with a ball knocked hard downwind, I just hit a normal 9. The problem was I didn't hit high enough. If I would have hit a high 9, I would have gotten it. But the wind actually knocked it down, being downwind. You could see it just kill it and knock it straight down, and I ended up short in the water.

Q. You got a round without a bogey.

TIGER WOODS: Like I said, I played well today and I drove the ball beautifully. When I was in trouble, I was able to make a couple key putts to keep the round going.

Q. What do you think you have to do now to win the tournament over the weekend?

TIGER WOODS: Same as I've been doing. Just grinding around this golf course. I played the same way last year, and there's no other way to play this golf course.

Q. Would you like it if the wind keeps blowing?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I would love it. When it blows, you go out there and you shoot a solid round, and you have to move up a little better. That's ultimately what you want to see in any championship, is you go out there and shoot a solid round of golf. You know you'll move up instead of shooting 65 and losing ground.

Q. The putter is a little more friendly today?

TIGER WOODS: A little bit. I hit a lot of good putts. I hit a lot of beautiful putts yesterday; they just didn't go in. The key is to stay with the same commitment, don't change anything. Go out there with the same zeal and everything and... (Inaudible).

Q. If you could get the public to understand one thing about your reported frustrations with the Tour, what would it be?

TIGER WOODS: Well, that's between the Tour and myself.

Q. Plan on meeting with the Commissioner after the season?

TIGER WOODS: We'll see. We're going to have a meeting. I don't know when. But I have a lot more other things that are important right now to take care of, just try to win this tournament.

Q. It's not about money, we understand?

TIGER WOODS: I have a lot more other things that are a lot more important, to try to win this tournament.

Q. Do you think that things can be fixed between you and the Tour?

TIGER WOODS: Well, not only myself, but other players as well. It's not just me. A lot of the top players feel this way.

Q. Just a quick question about the battle for the European No. 1. Just your thoughts on the race for the title.

TIGER WOODS: Well, I think it's been interesting. Obviously, one of my good friends is up there, Clarky. Obviously, I don't know how he played today, but he has a wonderful chance this week to win the money title, which is a great feat. But leave it up there, and it will be a nice weekend.

Q. You and Darren shared the same coach. Would you like to see him do it this weekend?

TIGER WOODS: I would love to see him do it. Then again, if he doesn't, I'd like to see me do it. We're good friends as well. So either way, one of my friends is going to win the money cup.

Q. Your revenge on 17, what were you hitting today?

TIGER WOODS: I hit a 9-iron there today. I had 165 to the hole.

Q. So the winds took it down?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, knocked it down. As you know, playing downwind like that, just got strong. If you don't hit it high enough, the wind can actually knock it down, which it did. I just hit a normal 9, which wasn't quite high enough.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TIGER WOODS: I thought it was a good shot. It's just as it got to its peak, you could just see it get batted back down.

Q. Is this hole getting frustrating for you?

TIGER WOODS: It is what it is. It's a par 5, where there's danger there. (Inaudible.) There may be a birdie opportunity, if not an eagle. You need to hit a good shot in there to execute it properly in order to have a birdie opportunity, if not an eagle.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TIGER WOODS: I played well all day. Even that shot wasn't a bad shot. The only poor shot I really hit today was on the 18th tee, try to hook the ball up against that wind; just overdid it a little bit and ended up in the left rough.

Q. Do you have a number in mind, a 36-hole number from here on out?

TIGER WOODS: No, I really don't, because I don't know what Nicky is going back to. A lot of that is depending on the wind conditions. If the wind continues like this, you probably won't have to go as low as you might think.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TIGER WOODS: No, I hit a lot of good putts. And that's all you can do: Step up there, be committed, release the blade, and let that ball roll.

Q. (Inaudible).

TIGER WOODS: Yeah. They are pretty tough, but there's a lot of little indentations in them. The balls tend to wobble back and forth. Yeah, just from -- a lot of it probably is I think from water drainage.

Q. Is this your first round playing with Vijay?

TIGER WOODS: No, we played in THE TOUR Championship a couple of times. I enjoy playing with Vij; we had a good time out there. It's just that unfortunately he couldn't get anything going. He hit a couple of good shots, then a couple bad ones. He was a little frustrated, but he hung in there well.

Q. How much would it mean for you to win here in Spain?

TIGER WOODS: It would be wonderful. It would be wonderful to defend a title, and to win it at this venue would be nice.

Q. Can you explain the marketing issue, the image? Can you just explain that to me, what that means exactly?

TIGER WOODS: Well, that's between the Tour and myself, and we'll handle it. We'll take care of it. It will all be resolved.

Q. Tim Finchem mentioned he wanted to sit down and talk to you at the end of the current season. Would you welcome that?

TIGER WOODS: Oh, we're going to sit down and talk. It's just that I have a few more things I need to play before now and then.

Q. Could you summarize for people who don't understand what exactly the issue at stake is?

TIGER WOODS: Well, it's summarized in an article. All you need to do is read it.

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