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July 16, 2020

Jordan Spieth

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Quick Quotes

Q. Jordan, can you compare the golf course today to last Thursday?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, one, they let the rough grow a little bit, so you're unlikely to find some good breaks if you miss the fairways. But mainly the course has dried out significantly without any rain the last few days, and the greens are a foot to two feet faster on the stimpmeter. I left everything short last week. These are back to the speed you're used to seeing at the Memorial, but when you throw in 15 mile-an-hour winds and the winds have to be opposite the slopes because the greens are so fast, you're left with a lot of really kind of cross wind, cross-hill putts, and it's very difficult to commit on the greens. I think putting is as challenging as anything in these conditions.

Q. You talked about playing yesterday afternoon to get a look at the different conditions. Is there any difference in clubs between last Thursday and this Thursday, specifically off tees?

JORDAN SPIETH: There are. I'm certainly hitting -- I hit 3-wood maybe on probably three holes where I'd hit driver last week, and then I think I'm going to implement a driving iron instead of my hybrid after today's round that I brought because as it starts to firm up, the ball can continue to bound, and all of a sudden the fairways become a lot tighter if you're not hitting the right club.

Q. The emotions of the first couple holes, did you feel like you kept everything under control?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I was fine. You go into a day like today, even when you know the golf course was going to be challenging, it's almost like going into a major championship. You've just got to be a prepared for a little bit of everything, and it felt like I stayed really cool after 12 and then moved on and made a nice birdie on the next. Hit my best drive of the day, hit a wedge in there and made about a 12-footer. When that one went in, it was really nice. I felt like I was playing under-par golf. I felt like I hadn't missed a shot, so it was nice to be under par and not still at even. Just knowing that the wind is going to pick up, you want to be a couple under making the turn there.

Q. You played well at Colonial. What have you seen in your game since the restart since then?

JORDAN SPIETH: I've actually made a lot of progress. It may not kind of look like that via results, but I've made a lot of progress in how I'm seeing sight lines, committing to lines. I feel better over -- I'm seeing lines on my putter better. All in all, now it's just about trying to kind of find the timing element as I go up the bag. The rest of the game is starting to feel kind of back to normal, and I'm kind of piecing together my swing, but the timing element is what's kind of left for me. That just comes from on-course reps. A day like today I can get a lot of confidence from.

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