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July 10, 2020

Kevin Streelman

Dublin, Ohio

Q. Kevin, how would you assess your round out there today?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, that was a solid round. I don't know how many birdies I ended up making, but a bunch of them, I think nine of them or so, and just kind of did what I was supposed to out there. I putted beautifully, kept it below most of the pins, was able to give some nice strikes to some putts, but took care of the difficult shots out there and birdied the par-5s and put myself in position. Excited.

Q. How did the conditions change after the second delay?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Sure, well, the greens have been soft, so it made them a little bit more receptive, but at the same time they got a little spongy with all the footprints, so it got a little more difficult to make a ton of putts. But overall the course is in magnificent shape, one of my favorite courses in the world, and exciting to go into the weekend in the final group and see what we can do.

Q. In your opinion why is it one of your favorites in the world?

KEVIN STREELMAN: I grew up in the Midwest. I grew up in Wheaton, Illinois, so it's similar bentgrass type of greens and rough and chipping areas, and it feels comfortable to me. It's like Hartford, to be honest. I always enjoy coming here. It's a magnificent place and great food. I've got great friends I stay with around the corner. I'm comfortable.

Q. You took last week off, but it seems like your game didn't take last week off.

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, it was about 110 in Phoenix. I didn't do much golfing. I did a lot of swimming with the kids back home last week. My game feels great. Actually I was really fortunate, to be honest, missing the cut in Hilton Head. I played a practice round the next day, Saturday, just a fun round with Aaron Baddeley. He just saw one little thing in my putting and kind of gave me a little tip, and I've been putting beautifully since.

Q. Can you share that tip?

KEVIN STREELMAN: No, I can't share it. It's actually nothing with the stroke, it's much more visual and getting out into my spot of how I want it to go in. I was more into my stroke, and it just kind of freed it up, to be honest.

Q. And obviously Baddeley is such a good putter, as well.

KEVIN STREELMAN: He is, an incredible putter.

Q. You finished fourth at Muirfield last year. Talk about your strong play this year and your comfort zone on this course.

KEVIN STREELMAN: It just suits my eye well. There's just shots you've got to step up and hit great shots. No. 12 is one of them. No. 16 is one of them. You've just got to step up and hit nice iron shots. I drive the ball straight. Been able to hit a lot of fairways, and when my putter is on I know I can compete with most of the guys and see how I do against these young guys on the weekend.

Q. You went for 14 today, paid off.


Q. Was it a difficult decision to risk it?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Well, I actually got kind of a bad break. I hit a great shot and it was starting to cut with the wind and it caught the corner of the bunker and actually shot forward deep into the bunker on the left side and I had no angle. I had to play long and then get up-and-down to save par, so looking back it was probably a 3-wood, but when we played there it was pretty strong downwind, but I thought it was a really good course setup decision by the TOUR. It made us think. About 295 front with some help, so a lot of guys it's a little driver or big 3-wood, and it makes the hole that much more intriguing.

Q. How do you kind of decide whether to be aggressive or not?

KEVIN STREELMAN: I was feeling great with my driver. I'd been driving it well thus far in the round, so I said -- I think I had birdied two of the four holes I'd played so far, so I said, let's keep attacking and try and make an eagle, and ended up having to save par.

Q. Obviously you're in great position going into the weekend. What's one key that you're going to focus on that will lead to hopefully a little bit better than the runner-up in Hartford?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Sure, I was right there in Hartford. I played well enough, and I was bummed to not finish that off. I enjoy that moment. I enjoy having a chance and just going for it. Sometimes you do great and sometimes you don't, but I enjoyed being in -- having that opportunity to attack and see what you've got. I think that's my favorite part of this game, playing it professionally, is going head-to-head with the best players in the world when the cameras are on, when the heat is on and just seeing what you've got. Like I said, some weeks you've got it and some weeks you don't, but being in the moment is what's awesome about playing this sport competitively.

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