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June 14, 2020

Bubba Watson

Fort Worth, Texas

Q. Bubba, 5-under 65 today, got yourself to 123 under for the tournament. Could you just assess your performance today?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it was one of those where I just wanted a good finish, not playing here for many years, knowing how difficult this golf course can be, especially with gusty winds, so I was looking for a great finish. So just something under par today. And then when I came around, I made a birdie, I got up-and-down on 13, the par-3 I think it is, and then I got up-and-down on that hole for par, and then I birdied 14. I was like, wait, we could do one of those Rickie Fowler finishes where he did at THE PLAYERS Championship, and somehow I kind of did it. I made birdie on the last two holes, two tough hole locations. So yeah, I was very happy with how I stayed in there and stayed committed to my shot, trying to get a good finish.

Q. Obviously you still maybe have a chance here, but overall on the week, how do you think the first week went, and what was the biggest difference compared to a normal tournament, beyond not having fans on-site?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, man, I think the week -- you couldn't ask for a better week when it comes to policies in place, what we're trying to do, create a safe environment for everyone, not just golfers but caddies, volunteers, the staff on-site, PGA TOUR staff. I don't think you can do any better that way, but obviously as -- I'll call myself an athlete, we know we're playing for fans on TV, but man, it's just the roars, the electricity. Even if you're playing terrible, to hear other roars, it gets you excited, so that's what we miss.

It makes it weird, I guess, because even when I made a couple putts, you just don't even wave, you don't even high-five. It's just a weird feeling, which we all love trying to challenge ourselves under pressure in front of the fans, and not having that makes it a little weird. But it was a great week, I believe, especially the first week back.

Q. Any of the guidelines that you spoke about you'd like to see changed, or do you think it was well run all the way around?
BUBBA WATSON: Gosh, there's so many guidelines. Obviously we all have our own opinions, but I didn't see anything that was out of the ordinary from the safe protocol I guess you would say. I went into the locker room one time, that's all I did. I stayed out of there. Like I have a motor home, so I just washed my shoes and everything at my bus, so I just -- once I got my visors the first day I was here out of my locker, then I never went back in there.

Q. (On the General Lee.)
BUBBA WATSON: So yes, I have the General Lee, and I've been searching, we'd love to give it to a museum because we believe that it's TV history. It's nothing against race on that show. I didn't buy the car based on race. I bought it based on my family, me and my dad, me and my mom watching that show, but obviously there's no flags around that car. The flags have been removed from that car.

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