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February 22, 2020

Paul Casey

Mexico City, Mexico

Q. Talk us through that.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, Santiago, who was our standard bearer for the day, totally surprised me, and he goes, I've got a gift for you, and he pulls out this flag that he signed, and it says, "We love you in Mexico." It's the first time I've ever had a gift. We're always the ones signing golf balls and I'm usually the one shouting at standard bearers. Lovely. It sums up this week because everybody here is just so friendly. It's a treat to be here.

Q. It's got a really nice feel, hasn't it, this event. They really love their golf in this part of the world.
PAUL CASEY: It's absolutely amazing. I mean, Mexico is obviously a great country. I've been to Mexico many times. I obviously live in Arizona just across the border. Mexico City is a truly great city, and the people that fill it are fantastic, and that's shown this week with the support we get out here on the golf course, and everybody gets support. They're super polite. Away from the course, the food is good, as you know.

It's a brilliant week, it really is. I think the guys who come down and play it just understand that this is something very, very special. It's very worthy of being in a WGC, and we should have golf around the world, so it's great to be in Mexico.

Q. Thoughts on your round today, 5-under par 66?
PAUL CASEY: I was happy with that. It's good stuff. A couple of blemishes here and there, but really I played some solid golf. Struck the ball nicely. It's getting better and better as the week goes on. I've worked hard on the putting because to be honest the putting is atrocious the last two weeks, and lost confidence on the greens, so I've put it back this week, changed the putter up and worked hard on things. It's good, it's trending in the right direction, but look at the leaderboard, it's absolutely stacked. You know, even 66 is a great score, but it pales in comparison to what guys like Jonny Rahm have just done. To be honest I'd love another 66 tomorrow, but it's probably not going to be enough, but that's the goal for tomorrow.

Q. Does it make it slightly frustrating to shoot 5-under and not make any ground on the leaders?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, you can say frustrating, but look, this is meant to be the world's best golf, and it is. You've got to do something extra special to beat the other great players. Very happy the way I played. It just shows how my good golf against these guys is still a couple of shots behind. I need to do something extra special and hope for a little bit of a mistake. But I love it. I love being in the mix. Love being up or near the leaderboards when you've got those great names on it.

Q. Did you see 61 out there today?
PAUL CASEY: I never saw 61. Jon Rahm just shot an amazing round of golf. This golf course is treacherous. Weirdly enough, it kind of reminds me of Surrey golf. It's a little bit likening land golf. The greens are small. It's like poa. You can't read the greens very easily. In a way it's quirky; it's like English golf. You just don't often see scores like that. Good rounds of golf are 66's and 65's. 61 is remarkable. I don't care what anybody says about the altitude or how far the golf ball goes. You've still got to get the ball in the hole, and he's done that beautifully.

Q. Finally, from a personal point of view, how important are these events, WGCs and majors, for what you've got coming up in September for yourself?
PAUL CASEY: Very important. It's really difficult being based in the U.S. Obviously I'm a little bit on the back foot anyway in terms of gaining points for Ryder Cup, and even the Race to Dubai. Opposite events, so the Rolex Series events don't gain points, either. There's lots of things you've got to look at, and it's difficult. I need to capitalize on weeks like this. I really want to go out there and play well tomorrow and maximize this week as much as possible. I would dearly love to be at Whistling Straits and dearly love to be at the Olympics and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Yeah, every single week I play is important, but obviously weeks like this doubly so.

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