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June 22, 2001

Tiger Woods


Q. Are you pretty tired?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I am tired a little bit. Mentally, I am all right. Just the legs are a little bit tired today. Golf course isn't exactly flat. I played well in the afternoon, put myself behind the 8 ball this morning.

Q. When you don't start off well, do you like to have the opportunity to play so many holes in one day to get it back?

TIGER WOODS: No, I don't. I wasn't swinging well. I started off the first shot in the afternoon and on 10, drove it to about twelve feet and that usually helps things. From there I hit the ball really well.

Q. Talk about the difference -- you tend to be more aggressive in the second round --

TIGER WOODS: I think I was able to be to be more aggressive because we were able to play, leave clean and cheat today in the afternoon. (Laughter) In the morning, because of the rain we could, but the problem was that most of the guys had already teed off. Once you started the round, first round you had to play by those rules. Once they realized the golf course was a little wet you have ball in hand, any time you can go, you can do that, you can feel like you could be pretty aggressive.

Q. (Inaudible)?

TIGER WOODS: I wasn't very happy tell you that. I wasn't swinging well. I putted my butt off, which is not where you want to be. Unfortunately, put myself there, but I went out this afternoon and I was able to turn it around somehow. I found some kind of rhythm and some kind of (inaudible) on my swing. I was able to hit the wall pretty flush and pretty clean.

Q. Can you go through -- in the morning there on 4, did you use driver off the tee?

TIGER WOODS: No, 3-wood. I hit a high hook. I was trying to drop back up against the wind and overdid it. Pitched out, hit a terrible 8-iron up there and proceeded to make things worse from there.

Q. Do you remember your last triple in competition?

TIGER WOODS: I don't know. It has been awhile.

Q. How much of that birdie on 16 (inaudible) get you going in the afternoon round?

TIGER WOODS: It was nice to be able to get that because I kind of -- I hit some good shots, really didn't give myself a whole lot of birdie opportunities 'til then. I birdied 10, but I never really hit the ball that close. I hit it solid, yes, but I was spinning it off the slopes and had a tough time controlling my spin coming into the greens. So it was nice to stick one in there, and I continued to play well from there.

Q. You didn't have much time in between rounds. How did you try and refocus in between the first and second?

TIGER WOODS: We had 20 minutes, ate something real quick, and changed clothes and off we went. It was just like any other year when I played college ball, that's how it is, you get a bag lunch and continue playing 36 holes.

Q. You said that (inaudible) do you feel like being younger do you feel that playing 36 holes is an advantage ---(inaudible)?

TIGER WOODS: I don't mind it. If I am swinging well it is a great thing. If you are not swinging well I don't think you want to play 36. When you are, I guess, I am not that old being 25 and I think I can handle 36 holes. I think the great thing about today is that we were able to play in a nice rhythm and nice pace. We played 27 at the U.S. Open but it was really slow. Took us two and a half to play eight holes. Then it took us a little over 6 hours to play a second round. That is just a long day.

Q. You are 1-under, I think the leaders around 5, going into the weekend if that stays the case, around there, how do you feel?

TIGER WOODS: I think the lead will probably go to somewhere around eight or nine. There are so many guys out there that can go out and play a good solid round. We have a chance of putting ball in hand, hopefully I can shoot two more good rounds just like I did today. The good thing about playing this golf course and this tournament is that you get rewarded for shooting good rounds. You go out there and you post a round in mid-60s you are definitely going to move up.

Q. Seven holes you were 1-over and the cut was 1-over. Was that ever entering your mind (inaudible) --

TIGER WOODS: I am just trying to get to even par, 1-under, post that and give myself a great chance over the weekend.

Q. When you went for the green on 7 off the tee, and frustrated when you didn't make it?

TIGER WOODS: Because I hit a terrible shot. Saw David knock it on there and Vijay knocked it in the bunker. I. I hit the ball just as far as those guys do. But if I was going to miss it, got to miss it right (inaudible).

Q. Tiger you had struggled in the past on this course. How much does it feel to finally get a good round in here?

TIGER WOODS: I only played it twice. One as an amateur and one as a pro. I feel like I am a little bit better player than I was in 1997.

Q. This morning the shot on 15 from under the tree, what club did you hit?

TIGER WOODS: Ball was imbedded. I dropped it. I didn't get a good lie. I got a lie, I was into the grain. If I was downgrain I knew I could have (inaudible) -- I had a gap. I whipped a 3-iron up that gap.

Q. Did you hit driver or 3-wood?


Q. This track, what do you think of it?

TIGER WOODS: I think it is a great track for testing your shaping ability. You need to be able to shape the ball and create shots. With these pin locations they are trying to protect against the rain and the soft conditions so they are putting all the pins on high knobs. It is really tough to get at some of these flags.

Q. How much of an advantage is it to be in already? A lot of guys are going out right now....

TIGER WOODS: Hey we did it yesterday. Played two shots and had to come back and play all day. It is just part of playing the Tour. We all have to deal with it. Unfortunately this is my fourth tournament in a row where I have had to deal with a rain delay.

End of FastScripts....

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