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February 9, 2020

Jordan Spieth

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Low round of the day today. What was working so well for you?
JORDAN SPIETH: I just knew playing the back nine and it was going to be windy playing the back nine early, if you could somehow be under par at the turn, I was going to be able to make up a lot of ground. And I hit just a phenomenal wedge into 14, which is probably the hardest par-5 we play all year when it's blowing. And I hit it to about a foot there and that got some momentum going. Just took it to the front nine and kept hitting it close. I mean, I had a lot of looks on the front nine, almost every hole, and then on the last hole I just kind of made a little bit of a mess of it and chipped it in to finish. So certainly fortunate to escape with a 4 on the last. But yeah, I mean, it was pretty solid the whole day. I didn't do anything overly special. I hit fairways like I have been. I hit greens like have I been and got a couple in there pretty close. And these greens are tough to putt on, so I had, No. 1 and 2 I had birdie putts inside of 10 feet and missed them and went to No. 3 and just knocked it right in. So tried to kind of keep my head up even when it looked like it could kind of get away from me. And this is what I've been seeing. It's just today I finally had a lot of good numbers. I've just felt like the last few days I've been in between clubs a lot and hard to commit and then today it was just one of those days where it hit me kind of where I could commit to a lot of full shots.

Q. And just real quick, you get great fan support obviously everywhere you go, but how special were the fans here at Pebble Beach?
JORDAN SPIETH: They're always great. First few rounds, to come out to all three of those golf course, I played with Dustin and Wayne and then my partner Jake, obviously a crowd favorite. So we enjoy having the support, when it's spread out over three courses a lot of people don't have more than a couple people following them and it's really nice to be able to have that kind of pick you up when you're down and kind of ride the momentum when it's going well. So cool for people to stick around the back nine for me today, those that did, and go to Los Angeles and try and improve on this week.

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