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February 9, 2020

Kevin Streelman

Larry Fitzgerald

Pebble Beach, California

Q. Congratulations, you guys. You drank out of the victory cup two seasons ago. It's good enough to get another sip here today. Kevin, not just a pro-am win for you, but a nice high finish as well.
KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, I wasn't very happy with my West Coast Swing up to this week, so I'm really proud to be able to finish it off like this and kind of jump back up the FedExCup points list and take a few weeks off before I head to Florida.

Q. Tell me about Larry's game this week?
KEVIN STREELMAN: We just ham-and-egged it perfectly, to be honest. He made some nice birdies, a few pars. I kind of had to carry him at the end there. He kind of had to pick up a few holes there. He got the tops going, but we're working on that. I just love this guy. He's a great man and we had a lot of fun out there.

Q. I saw some of your swings. NFL Hall of Famer in the future, but maybe a Hall of Famer here at Pebble Beach as well. We're going to have to examine that handicap because you really hit it well this week.
LARRY FITZGERALD: Well, the times that I did hit it well, I hit it good, but there was some times I struggled, but Kevin always kept me up, kept me positive all the time. And I think he was inspired yesterday by the big Duke Blue Devil comeback against North Carolina.

Q. How do you compare the partnership and the teamwork here to what have you with the Cardinals?
LARRY FITZGERALD: Well, it's a completely different format, but the relationship that Kevin and I have, I think is unique amongst the guys. We have been playing together now five years here and we have known each other for quite awhile, playing together at the same course, practicing, and getting to know his wife and kids and things of that nature. So I think the camaraderie and just familiarity definitely helps. It makes me more comfortable when I'm standing over the ball.

Q. You could get second place here.
KEVIN STREELMAN: I took a look. I think I looked at the leaderboard at 16. I knew I had a tough 2-putt there I needed to get down and then that shot on 17 was pretty awesome. To birdie there kind of locked it in. And then I got on 18 tee and I was like, we could kind of play it safe or we could go for another birdie. And I ripped driver, unfortunately caught the right bunker, but fortunately caught the right bunker too because a little farther it might have jumped out of bounds. But I was able to get a good look at birdie, hit a nice putt, fell just a little short, but I'm happy with the week overall.

Q. You guys are three-time champions, how does it feel and what's the magic here?
LARRY FITZGERALD: He's speaking No. 3 into existence. Next year. Next year. (Laughing).

Q. How does it feel to win the pro-am?
LARRY FITZGERALD: It feels great. Anytime you can have success in a team format like this it makes you feel good. And Kevin, he's one of the best players in the world and I am really happy for him. He told me he was going to give me 10 percent of his winnings this week and that's what I'm even more excited about.

KEVIN STREELMAN: He told me he would give me 10 percent of his first game check.

Q. We've got a controversy (laughing). How do you guys survive the elements seemingly when other players struggle today?
LARRY FITZGERALD: Well, I usually just put my ball in my pocket and go with his (laughing).

Q. You had to really think out your golf shots around here today. It was gusting up to 20, 30 miles an hour, greens are so small, as everyone knows. They're firm, they're beautiful this week. I was able to hit fairways and really hit some nice wedge shots coming in, and there's so many putts you got to be careful of, there's so much speed to them, downwind as well. And just kind of did what you were supposed to on most of the holes coming in and stayed patient.
Q. What does 68 in the wind feel like?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I was really just trying to go hole by hole and around here I almost -- what I love about playing this course is you can only take it a shot at a time, because every shot is so important you have to get the right angle, you have to hit the right distance, and you can't get over the green, you can't have that downhill putt, like you're always thinking about the shot in front of you and it almost keeps you from getting too far ahead of yourself.

Q. What's the difference between Seminole Atlantic Ocean wind and Pebble Beach Pacific ocean wind?
LARRY FITZGERALD: Both of them are really difficult. The bunkering at Seminole will kill you, but they're both phenomenal courses, iconic courses and to be able to play at both of them is a dream come true.

Q. What's the biggest difference between a football cheer and a golf cheer?
LARRY FITZGERALD: They're much more polite here. Being here smack dab in the middle of Niner country, they actually treated me pretty solid, so they must be licking their wounds still.

Q. I see you still wouldn't take a selfie with that Niner hat though.
LARRY FITZGERALD: No, no, no, you got to take that off.

Q. Did you watch that Duke come back last night?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I gave up on them, it's funny.

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