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January 30, 2020

Bubba Watson

Scottsdale, Arizona

Q. (No microphone.)
BUBBA WATSON: Green-wise you couldn't ask for better surfaces to putt on. You feel like you can make all the putts. Everything just seemed smooth. The ball was rolling smooth. So this is the best I've ever seen the greens for sure.

Q. When you see a guy like Jordan kind of struggling in recent months, you're in a unique fraternity with him, Masters champions, do you ever lend any sort of advice? Do you talk to him and try and offer thoughts?
BUBBA WATSON: If he asked, I definitely would, but obviously not during a round. But, yeah, if he came to me and asked, if anybody asked, I would make up something, anything. I mean, no, I would definitely help anybody that would ask for help.

Q. Have you talked to him specifically?
BUBBA WATSON: No. He's never asked me for help. Again, there's no science behind it. I mean, you just make putts. I played pretty solid today. I missed some putts coming down the stretch, put myself in tough situations. And if you look at just Jordan's round today, I don't know what he did in other tournaments, but this round today he just missed some putts, hit a lot of great putts that just didn't go in. A swing here, a swing there, and then missed the par putt, you make a quick bogey or miss the birdie putt after hitting some good shots. And that's all the round is. That changes momentum for everything. Look at everybody that has a chance to win a golf tournament, they're always putting pretty nicely, having a chance to win.

Q. As you're coming up to the Phoenix Open, do you prepare any differently knowing that it's a little bit more rowdy and a little bit more like energetic, so to speak, than say like the Masters? Do you prepare any differently or make any special adjustments?
BUBBA WATSON: No, I don't prepare any different. I show up -- at this tournament I always show up on Wednesday right before the pro-am and register and get ready to play. Always take it easy. Up at Estancia up the street there up by Pinnacle Peak. I always practice up there, just getting ready for this tournament, just taking it easy, playing with some buddies. But, no, no different than any other tournament. If you're going to have a chance to win they're going to get rowdy and you're going to get excited anyway, your energy level will go up. So hopefully we're all looking for that energy level on Sunday because that means we're around the lead.

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