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October 30, 2001

Tiger Woods


Q. Tiger, so often you are perceived as the guy to be -- even the way you are playing right now (inaudible) you are the guy that can --

TIGER WOODS: I am one of the guys in the field. Any person in the field has got a chance; that's the beauty of our sport.

Q. How do you approach this tournament? As a major? Another tournament? (Inaudible) Is there a different approach?

TIGER WOODS: No, I think the fact that you have the best players of the year here assembled, that generally makes it a little bit more special. The competition is going to be that much more fierce with the guys that earned their right to be here. They have played the best throughout the year and most consistently. It is going to be a tough event to win. You know you are going to have to play well from start to finish.

Q. More relaxed atmosphere?


Q. A major?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah. Any tournament is going to be a little bit different than a major championship. Major Championships are unique, they stand out in our sport, but there are other events that are equally as important to a lot of the guys. This is a very important tournament for a lot of the guys.

Q. The Champions Course you have won on it here. They didn't turn around and Tiger-rize it or add a tree here or move the tees back 500 yards, there are some courses that are just ageless in time. Thoughts there?

TIGER WOODS: I think this golf course is one of the most fair golf courses we play. You have a chance to use the driver and a chance to (inaudible) you have to drive the ball well here in order to have a chance to win. The greens are big, yes, they are generous but the problem is if you get the ball in the rough, hit the ball on the green, you can have 100-foot putts. You can look like an idiot (inaudible), the grains run in different directions depending on which side of the putt you are on. You have to hit the ball in the correct spot. In order to do that, you have to drive the ball well. So this golf course, it gives (inaudible) put the ball in play; then you have a chance.

Q. Are you driving the ball well, striking it well now?

TIGER WOODS: I am striking it better. Not too bad. I played all right today.

Q. What kind of memories do you have here given you have won here but through a very emotional week?

TIGER WOODS: It was a tough week. Emotionally it was a tough week for me and physically, that week. Having that one-day break was something that I think all the players needed. I needed it physically, as well as emotionally and we all got through it together and I was able to somehow come back and play well.

Q. Your memories, though, when you came back this year, of winning or a tough week or (inaudible) --

TIGER WOODS: I think overall just a tough week in general, tough emotionally and physically for me. I think it was just a very difficult, extremely long week. A lot of things transpired very quickly and a lot of things that had to be changed and we have all got through it.

Q. Confidence level this week heading into this week? How do you feel from a couple of weeks ago?

TIGER WOODS: I feel pretty good. Last time I played I played halfway decent, shot 16-under. Wasn't like I was playing terrible that week. A lot of guys really played well. I feel like my game is coming around. I am hitting the ball a little more crisp; a little more solid, and making a couple of putts. The greens are so smooth out here you hit the ball in the right line, with the right pace -- (inaudible).

Q. Any changes for this event regarding security?

TIGER WOODS: They have changed a lot of things on the Tour. (Inaudible) I think, it's done a lot of good actually. We, as players, are probably -- it's probably the most vulnerable sport there is because the gallery is close to us at all times. Generally get on the back of a tee box and they can just touch you. You play in another sporting event they are not even close to the field. That's one of things that makes us our sport unique and which makes it great and also makes it a little bit uniquely dangerous as well.

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: We don't know. We have got to go out there as players and get ready to play in this event and hopefully nothing happens. Hopefully everyone is going to be safe (inaudible).

Q. (Inaudible)

TIGER WOODS: I don't know, there's a lot of guys that are playing really well right now. Hopefully I can get myself in contention where I have a chance to win.

Q. What is going on with Stanford?

TIGER WOODS: We're playing well. We have got a big game this weekend; hopefully we'll take it.

Q. (Inaudible) I know you love to play and win on the golf courses that have been great through the years and other great players have won on -- I am thinking like once again at Firestone when you won three times now. (Inaudible) they never changed that course either. Your thoughts?

TIGER WOODS: I think some golf courses are such that they are just -- they just naturally lend themselves to keeping it the same. (Inaudible).

Q. You travel the world, Tiger, playing this game. Do you feel any more danger than others and how -- (inaudible) --

TIGER WOODS: I just go out there and I know they have done their best to make this environment - not only for myself - but for everyone, safe, and all you can do is just trust them and knowing that they have done the best they can because they don't want something to happen at their event. They want everyone to enjoy their time, be safe and enjoy a great event that week. With that in mind, you just have to go out and live your life and go on and not be afraid to do so. Granted we're in a situation right now where that might be a difficult feeling to have at all times but you are still going to have to go on with your life. There are still a lot of things that I want to accomplish in this sport, off the golf course, friends and family that I enjoy, and you can't have situations like this admonishing the fact that you can't do these things anymore.

End of FastScripts....

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