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January 3, 2002

Tiger Woods


Q. About the round, Tiger, things that you were happy with, things that maybe you weren't.

TIGER WOODS: I felt like I hit the ball well today. I hit so many good putts that didn't go in. As I said over here, the greens are slower than they were on Tuesday by quite a bit, a little bit softer. It's tough to get a feel of where to land the ball on the green: let it run or not let it run. Once you get the feel of that, I was able to make some birdies.

Q. Is it going to change day to day?

TIGER WOODS: I don't know. I've been here. Today we started out with the wind left to right on No. 1. It changes, comes out of the right. It was tough to get a feel. Came out two different directions today.

Q. David Duval said a lot of the pin placements he thought were for the normal Trade Winds.


Q. Did you feel that?

TIGER WOODS: Without a doubt. Without a doubt. That's one of the things that we just got a weird day with the wind. It was different. You had to adjust; you had to hit different clubs off tees, try to get the ball in the same area. It felt a little awkward at times. Some of the clubs you're pulling because you're not used to hitting those kind of clubs.

Q. Kind of day where one guy found a way to get double digits.

TIGER WOODS: I feel like I'm swinging the club well. Even though Weir went pretty well, some other guys went pretty low, I'm still right there. I just need to continue to play solid and give myself some chances on these greens.

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