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November 9, 2019

Matthias Schwab

Antalya, Turkey

Q. You started the day with a one-shot lead and ended with a three-shot lead. Give us a reflection on your play today?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, I got off to a really nice start on the first hole with the eagle that I made and then played solid golf all around except for that one little hiccup I had on 13, but other than that, I was hitting them well. Made a few putts. Overall it was a good day.

Q. Birdied 9, 10, 11 to go 6-under par for the day. What are you thinking at that stage?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Well, I was trying to not think anything, really. Just keep doing what I've been doing. I had a good flow there, a good little run. That's usually for me, at least, when I'm just turning my head off and just playing golf.

Q. You mentioned the hiccup you had, the double bogey. How do you put those sort of things behind you? It flusters some players. Didn't seem to fluster you.
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: It was just a bad tee shot and I paid the price for that. Accepted it and took it for that.

Then striped one down the middle on the next hole, the par 5, which was nice, and then made a good birdie there and just kept on going.

Q. I've been reading up on you and found out that five years ago you had a serious back issue that took you out of the game for eight months and to some extent you wondered whether you would be able to pursue this year. How sweet are those moments now, having gone through that to come through and be enjoying the success you are now?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: It was a pretty tough time I must admit. The problem came out nowhere, and my back kept hurting and I couldn't really hit anything. Times like that make you think highly of when you're healthy and when you're able to play golf and do what you like to do.

Q. Give us your thoughts on tomorrow and a chance to win for the first time on The European Tour, a Rolex Series Event, 2 million, a huge tournament. Give us your thoughts when you think about the possibility of winning that?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: There's not much, really. I'll just try and do the same stuff that I've been doing the last few days, and I'm sure pars will not be enough tomorrow because it's usually pretty gettable out here. I'll just be aggressive and keep doing what I've been doing.

Q. Another quick start on the first and great second shot, as well. Talk about what it meant starting off that way?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, it was a good start. Really good drive and then good iron, good putt. That's pretty much how I was hoping I would start, and after that, I was hitting some pretty good shots. Definitely better than yesterday. Then had a nice little run on 9, 10,11. Dropped a few on the 13th hole, but kept it together, so overall, it was a good day.

Q. How pleasing how you kept it together in you birdied the hole immediately afterwards.
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Well, it was just a bad drive on that hole, and I paid the price for that. Luckily came back and hit one down the middle on the next hole and mid birdie.

Q. You're one of the guys putting with the flag in. When did you start doing that and how does that help you?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I started it last week at the HSBC in China. My caddie came up with the idea. They weren't really going in before, and especially in Paris, so we tried something different, and it seems to work.

Q. Three-shot lead going into the final round. What's the game plan?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: The game plan is going to be the same as it's been the last three days. The course is gettable and there are a lot of birdies out there, so I'll just stay aggressive because pars won't be enough.

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