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November 8, 2019

Matthias Schwab

Antalya, Turkey

Q. Wonderful 67 for 12-under. What pleased you most about your pray today?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I think I scored well today. I wasn't really hitting them great at all, especially early on but kept it together. Obviously the start was good with an eagle on the first hole, but then it was not very nice to watch I think. The long game wasn't on but I managed to make a few good pars. On the back nine I found my swing a little bit and made a few good birdies coming home.

Q. You mentioned the good par, one at the ninth hole, you found the water off the tee and hit a 7-iron close to the flag and holed a 20-footer. How important did that moment feel in that you were a little quiet at the time?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Every made putt is important. I had a few good par saves on the previous holes, too, but the one on 9 kept the round going a little bit. Yeah, and then the back nine it was a little bit better.

Q. You've had a lot of experience in contention recently. What will you learnt that you can take into this weekend and use?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I don't really know. I think it's just the way you feel and the way you approach things. I'll try and go through the same routines tomorrow morning, and then obviously still a long way to go.

Q. Eagle to start with, how was that?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, it was an ideal start for me. Good drive and then good 3-wood to ten feet and then I made the putt, so that was nice.

Q. A bit of patience after, and you got going on back nine.
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I just gave myself a few more looks on the back nine than the front nine. It was just keeping it together and I made a few good pars, especially on 9 where I hit it on in the water off the tee and scrambled to make par.

Then on the back nine it was better with my long game. I had a few good looks and was able to make some.

Q. Any key holes that gave you the momentum going forward?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Well, I think the key holes out here are the par 5s. There's obviously five par 5s here, so if you can manage to play those well, 3-, 4-, 5-under every day, that will help.

Q. Obviously low scores here, leading going into the weekend. Do you like attacking golf courses? Is that how you will play on the weekend?
MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, I think I'll have to play aggressive golf and keep the foot on the gas pedal, and pars will definitely not be enough this weekend.

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