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November 1, 2002

Tiger Woods


Q. How would you compare the conditions today to yesterday?

TIGER WOODS: The greens are so much faster than they were yesterday. They are wickedly quick now. You have to make sure you stay below the hole.

Q. (Inaudible)?

TIGER WOODS: I hit it better today. I didn't quite hit it as good as I did yesterday, but I felt like my iron play was a little bit better. My touch on the greens was really good today. I just didn't leave myself with easy putts.

Q. You guys were saying if the course stayed wet it would go to double digits; with it drying out is the course going to show its teeth?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, the fairways are still soft. We are playing lift, clean and place. It's the pin locations. They are making it tough because we are able to have the ball in hand. The greens are picking up speed. You can see them drying out. You have to be careful on some of the putts because they are starting to roll out now.

Q. What was the most difficult pin positions that you saw today?

TIGER WOODS: Today? I don't know. But there was some good ones out there.

Q. What makes it so difficult about this course to go out and separate themselves from the field?

TIGER WOODS: When it's windy like this, it's really hard to go low. You have to be playing great. Plus when you are near the lead or leading, more likely in conditions like this, you are not going to try to take chances. You are going to dump it in the middle of the greens, 2-putt and move on. The guys that are behind can play aggressively and can shoot a pretty good number, but, the leaders for the most part, I don't think are going to be playing that way just because you can make some mistakes and cost yourself the tournament.

Q. How did the wind change during the round?

TIGER WOODS: It is stronger now, definitely. You have to make sure you keep a lot of shots below the trees as best you possibly can. Make sure that ball is flat. You don't want to be spinning that ball up in the air. But the problem is you don't want to get too steep on it, too, because you can catch a squirter from the fairway. it is so muddy out there.

Q. With 36 holes more to play, are you happier with your position?

TIGER WOODS: I certainly am. I wanted to get to under par today and I was able to accomplish that. I wish I could have made that putt on 17.

To end up under par like this, I'm right in the ballgame.

Q. Would you say the putt on 13 was a microcosm of your day?

TIGER WOODS: That was a good putt, too. It was one of those putts, and you blink, because you think it's already in and next thing you know, it's sitting up there laughing at you.

Q. Yesterday you were talking about trusting your iron play, with difficult conditions the second day in a row; how are you feeling with the new ones?

TIGER WOODS: The two tournaments I've played prior to this stroke-play, I'm 48 under par. That's not too bad, for two tournaments. (Laughing).

I feel like I'm swinging well and it's the same this week, to go out and trust it. The shots I did trust, I hit well. Other shots, I put both hands on the wheel and I steered it a little bit. I didn't hit it quite as good, but overall, I feel pretty comfortable with the shots.

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