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October 9, 2019

Paul Casey

Rome, Italy

Q. After a good finish at Wentworth, how have you spent that time and preparing for this week?
PAUL CASEY: I was back home in the States in Arizona. Yeah, just trying to find a little bit of downtime in this season, which is just a long season, but a good one.

Worked on the game moderately hard, I'll say. Motivation is always -- when you get to later in the year, for me, it's making sure you get as much rest and stay motivated to come and play golf. But it's not hard to be motivated this week. We're here in Italy. It's a Rolex Series. Lots of everything on offer, points and money.

I feel good. I feel relaxed and ready to go.

Q. You talked about your change in perspective on golf recently. You feel like you're more dangerous out there now, backed up by your wins worldwide recently. If you could just offer further perspective on that.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I'm at a stage in my career where you know, I enjoy my golf immensely, but it doesn't -- it doesn't bother me if I don't play well.

I think it was really just stealing a line that Westwood used earlier this year or maybe a year or so ago, where he basically said the same thing. He's passionate and so am I. I want to play as well as I can. I want to win. Still highly competitive. But yeah, if it doesn't happen, it doesn't bother me.

That allows me a lot of freedom, basically, to go out there, be aggressive, nothing-to-lose attitude. There's a lot of guys who are stressing about position in The Race to Dubai or stressing about points or money. That's not me.

Q. Did it used to bother you then, and if it did, what's changed?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I mean, there's always stages in your career where you're trying to get wins or get the exemptions, establish your position, yeah, without question. And I've had moments through my career, injuries, loss of form, where I've struggled, and every week you live and die by every shot.

It's hard to take my mind back to what that was like, but not that enjoyable, I know that. I can certainly remember that bit.

So it's just a perspective thing, really. There's a lot of guys who naturally have it, as well, who have kind of a carefree attitude. When you look at guys like Rory or Rickie Fowler would be a great example in the States, and other guys don't. Other guys are a bit more wound up. I was all a bit more wound up. Kind of out the other side now. More like Rickie Fowler, which is not a bad thing.

Q. Just finally, your first start in a golf tournament here in Italy. What was the decision behind adding it to your schedule, and what do you think of the city?
PAUL CASEY: It's pretty easy. Any Rolex Series, when I look at -- I play a limited schedule, as you know in Europe, based on just trying to get all my commitments in throughout the year, but I look at Rolex Series stuff kind of first. I want to be in with a chance to win a Race to Dubai title. I want to play the biggest stuff. Hence, Wentworth a few weeks ago, Porsche just before that and Italy just makes sense.

I mean, this is glorious out here. I've been to Rome before, but just holiday a long, long time ago, so I love the city, even though I don't know it that well. Staying down there this week.

Italy is a favourite destination of nine, anyway. I was honest holiday north just a few weeks ago on Lake Garda. It takes all the boxes, doesn't it. Probably the best food of any players' lounge in the world this week and best coffee. Not a difficult decision. But glad I made it. Glad I made the long journey. It's not an easy one for me to get to all the way from Arizona, but well worth it.

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