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September 22, 2019

Kevin Streelman

Jackson, Mississippi

Q. Kevin Streelman with the round of the day, turning in a 64, vaulting yourself up the leaderboard. How were you able to attack the course?
KEVIN STREELMAN: You know, we on got off to a great start. Bronson and I both played awesome birdieing the 1st holes. We actually had the exact same score for the first 11 holes. Don't think I'd ever seen that before. We were both six birdies and one bogey through that.

I kind of put my head down there and said, We need to keep going. I enjoy that. A few times in my career I've been able to make runs like that. It's fun when you don't really start reading putts, you just kind of know they're going in perfect before you hit them.

Just putted beautifully and hit the shots I needed to and put together a nice round.

Q. Started the day 8 shots back. Did you think of a number or was it just push it as low as I can?
KEVIN STREELMAN: It was definitely push it is a low as I can. It was a shame on 15, that eagle putt I left right in the jaws short. I thought I made the last one on 18, but I can't be displeased. Those were really solid putts.

Nice to get off to a good start. Like we were saying, it's an important start to the year now; 11 events in the fall; it's really a quarter of our season.

So to get off to a good start, maybe give my a little extra time at home after Asia would be nice.

Q. Got off to a fast start; 5-under the first nine holes. What were you thinking?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I needed another five more on the back is what I was thinking. Then had a silly 3-putt bogey on 10, but came right back and hit two beautiful shots into 11; almost eagled there.

Birdied 11.

Birdied 12.

Birdied 14, 15.

Just kind of one of those days where the putter felt awesome. I was seeing the lines pretty easily. I didn't have to read them too hard because I kind of knew the breaks before I even hit them.

I wish I was playing my buddies at home for money. I would've taken some cash off them.

Q. Yeah, I notice at 18 from 37 feet, you thought that was in, didn't you?
KEVIN STREELMAN: I thought that was in. That was a beautiful putt. I looked, said it was going left at the end. I thought it was going left. The grain was pulling it there. It just hung on at the end.

Would've been nice to get to 17, but 64 on Sunday is never subpar.

Q. Going to be a top 5 finish. I know you'll play a lot golf. Four in a row and take a week off and go to Asia. What's the thought process?
KEVIN STREELMAN: Well, it's important to get off to a good start now. It's an opportunity with 11 events in the fall. It's really about a quarter of our season, probably about a third of the events I'll play. So it's important to put your nose to the grindstone. I didn't really take too much time off. Kept working on things I wanted to.

I didn't finish the fall like I wanted to, the FedExCup season, so I had some things I knew I needed to work on. I was able to work on those, and this is awesome to get off to a nice start.

Kind of free up Christmas a little bit. Give me maybe two full months off in November and December.

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