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August 23, 2019

Paul Casey

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. I asked you this yesterday, but I'm just curious, does it feel more like a real tournament now that you can just when you look at the leaderboard and go, yep, that's where everyone is?
PAUL CASEY: Yes. You guys will dissect it. Everyone will dissect it after we're finished on Sunday, whether it worked or not. For me, being in the mix -- yeah, it's a real tournament now. Everybody's on course. Everybody's shooting numbers. It's clear that some guys have got an advantage because of where they started. Looking up at -- I don't know where everybody is right now, but J.T. was 13 under a minute ago, and he's really only 3 under. You know, I'm 7 under, and I'm still behind.

As is right. That handicapping system, I think, it makes sense right now.

Q. What happened on 18?
PAUL CASEY: Dammit, I didn't want you to ask that. All right. So I get the yardage from Johnny. We discuss where am I going to land it? Land it 234; the pin is 248. I go to grab the 4 iron and set up, hit a beautiful shot. I mean, it couldn't have been any better looking, and as it one-hopped over the back, I don't know what look -- I just saw on TV Johnny looks like he's in trouble. He's got his hand on his mouth, biting his tongue.

I didn't give him a glare or anything, but I'm thinking to myself, has he just given me a mystery? And then I look down and realized I hit the 3 iron, not the 4 iron. Because, you know, we're not playing for much this week and it's not important. (Laughter).

Yeah, I don't know what to tell you. My 3 iron and 4 iron are -- they're actually the same head. One is bent stronger than the other, and so I can't -- clearly, I can't tell the difference when I put them down. One's got a little 4 on it, and the 3's got nothing on it. So just that -- the sad thing is it's the second time I've done it this year. We did it somewhere else, I can't remember where.

Q. Same iron combination as before?

Q. Did you pick the club or did he?
PAUL CASEY: No, I pick them. It's all on me. It's 100 percent. I hold my head. The annoying thing is I hit plenty of bad shots out there the last two days, and it's very easy to accept bad shots and bad swings and missed putts and misreads. But it's so -- it's something that was not an easy shot, slightly hanging left. I think that's the reason I couldn't tell is the downslope. I couldn't tell the difference between the length and the lie. To hit what is not an easy long iron from 248 yards exactly at the gentleman I was aiming at in the red shirt, I was pretty proud of myself.

I mean, it's criminal, isn't it? And you can have fun writing about it. You're welcome.

Q. What did Johnny say?
PAUL CASEY: He was laughing at me. He thinks it's gold dust. He thinks it's fantastic. No, I mean, we're frustrated. We've parred 18 two days running now, which is not very good. Thank God, it's Friday because in the grand scheme of things, there's ebbs and flows, as you guys know. Ebbs and flows to tournaments. We'll just take that one on the chin and move on.

Q. Do you have the same opinion about regular tournament where, if you get to Sunday and you have the lowest number for the week?
PAUL CASEY: No, I'm fine with the system. I'm fine with the system. I generally feel like I've got a really good chance this week, and at least it's black and white as to what I've got to do. I wasn't a massive fan of not knowing before. I mean, the year Bill Haas one, bless him, he didn't know he won. And well played to Bill, and up and down on 17 was a joke. But dealing with the pressure is part of competing in any sport at any level. For a guy not to know where he stands or to not know that he won a FedExCup and not face that pressure and deal with that pressure, that, I think -- that's why I'm glad we've got the system we've got.

Whether it's perfect, not going to go there, don't know. I don't care right now. Just trying to hit the right clubs.

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