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August 22, 2019

Paul Casey

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Have you ever started a tournament trailing by this many?
PAUL CASEY: 10 behind? 8 behind?

Q. Yes.
PAUL CASEY: No. There's no pressure from my position, 2 under, 8 back. It didn't feel like a normal start. I don't know. I guess it was a little bit strange. It was nice once everybody was on golf course, I think, when not everybody had teed off yet, we'd only played a couple. I was going along nicely, made a couple of birdies, like what's going to happen? What's going to happen?

So it was kind of -- for once, first time ever, like anticipation to see scores. After five holes, I wanted to see scores. I never usually care about what's going on after five holes. Because you know where you stand usually. It's like it's just is he going to came out -- if he came out with five straight birdies, it would be like, okay. We're done.

So on my 17th, Xander and J.T. were tied at 10 under when I stood there, so I don't know what they are now. It was like we've got a golf event now. This is kind of cool. So looks like it's working.

Q. Do you feel like the guys kind of in that middle of the pack might have an advantage over the previous format?
PAUL CASEY: Yes. Guys have already spoken about it before. I said it. There's no insurance policy this week for anybody. The guys at the top, even guys middle of the pack, you'd have an insurance policy, and you didn't play well, it kind of didn't matter. The guys in the middle, guys down at the bottom have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So for me, it was flat from the get-go, which kind of -- you could see. I mean, I had four birdies today that were inside of two feet, and another one, it was like four feet. I mean, I just aimed at a bunch of stuff, which I don't always do on a Thursday. It's kind of cool. Maybe I should play that way more often. A little bit like -- almost like a match play golf kind of.

You know, kind of conservative because you don't want to make errors, but you're trying to bite off as much as you can, trying to be as aggressive as you can and play the odds.

Q. A little off beat here, I don't know if you saw the photos of Brooks posing for the Body Issue that came out today. I'm just curious, would you ever consider doing that?
PAUL CASEY: Have you ever seen me with my shirt off?

Q. No.
PAUL CASEY: It's not bad.

Q. By all means, why don't you do it?
PAUL CASEY: Would I? I could is the answer. Would I? (Laughter).

Was there a coincidence that Phil released his pictures at the same time?

Q. Probably not.
PAUL CASEY: Has he let that breath out, Phil? Is he a breather?

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