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August 22, 2019

Paul Casey

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Here with Paul Casey, shot a 66. You and Hideki Matsuyama are the low rounds in the club house so far. Do you guys feed off each other out there?
PAUL CASEY: I was just trying to hang on to Hideki. The guy could have shot 7 or 8 under. He's unbelievable. I see why he shot two 63s last week at Medinah. So I thought he was going to be the one blazing, shooting numbers, and I was going to be the one to tag along, and we ended up shooting the same score at the end.

Just as I thought would happen, it's incredibly volatile out there. And the guys like myself who have absolutely no pressure on us, we can go foot to the floor and just aim the flags. And the guys on the top starting at the nice low number, it's a little bit more difficult. So we're just starting this, and it's going to pan out and be interesting to watch, but I think the system so far is pretty good.

Q. First in proximity to the hole so far today. You just mentioned that you felt you could fire at the pin, so stuck to the game plan?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I went at a lot, and then there was others when I was aiming in conservative areas, and I might have pushed it or pulled it. There were about four kick-ins and then another one from about four or five feet. Yeah, the putter was a little cold today, and these greens are perfect. You just have to be incredibly accurate with speed because you get found out. So a fraction off here and there, and the ball goes racing past as you've probably seen in the telecast today.

But I feel good. Everything is really clicking.

Q. (No microphone)?
PAUL CASEY: Maybe a couple of putts that slip past the hole, but tee to green, some of my approaches were really good stuff. So I'm happy. You know, there was no real pressure on me today. I knew I had to go out there and try to shoot a low score and try to close up that gap with Justin Thomas and the other leaders. 66, I've kind of done that.

Q. We know you like to come here and play well here. Maybe it will a different thing in this year with this format?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I -- look, it's difficult. They're always trying to change these playoffs to make a real climax so we have this great grand winner, one winner at the end of the week, not two tournaments. I've been a fan of the format, you know, the handicapping system that's used all over the world every day for the people to play against each other in this great game of golf. So why not adopt it here?

There's been some negative press, but I'm struggling to see the negativity from our angle. I've liked it. I think it's panning out pretty cool so far. You know, the pressure on the leaders, the guys at the back can freewheel. For me, I'm just trying to concentrate on my number. I'm trying to shoot -- in my mind, if I were level par, if I could shoot 10, 12 under, something like that, and see what happens. Keep plugging away at those birdies.

Q. Some fine-tuning for tomorrow?
PAUL CASEY: Maybe a little speed on the greens, but that's about it. The rest of the game feels really good. The other thing is conserve the energy. It's so hot out here. It's hard to explain kind of a lot of energy that's dissipated, so recovery is important. I'll go to the physio trailers now and get a massage and treatment.

I'm the oldest guy in the field, so I'm pretty fit, but I need all the energy I can if I want to try to win this thing.

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