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August 18, 2019

Jordan Spieth

Medinah, Illinois

Q. So, not the finish you would have liked, I imagine. Is it bittersweet to miss out on the Tour Championship?
JORDAN SPIETH: Absolutely. I think East Lake is one of the best fits for my game. Not qualifying for it is disappointing for sure but as far as coming into this week, I knew I needed something really special and just kind of needed it early and didn't have it.

So, the last couple days has been more just kind of progressing as we head into the off-season. It's not like -- it's not like last year where it stung really bad at the end. I didn't do the job I needed to do the whole season in order to get myself in position.

I only had like ten FedExCup Points by May. Hopefully this next season I can get off to a better start and give myself a little house money to play with.

Q. How do you access this season? I know it's probably too quick to really fully appreciate it.
JORDAN SPIETH: No. I've been -- it's been pretty much the same the whole year. It's been pretty easy to process. I simply have gotten -- for the year I've gotten just to inconsistent, too far off in the long game. It went down into the short game but a tremendous improvement in my putting. I know exactly why I got off, what happened and how to get it back. I know why my swing got off.

I've started to figure out that next step of working it back the right way and then making it consistently up there as one of the best ball-strikers in the world like I have been in the past is the next step.

I've done it with the putting. I know I can do it with the long game. So, it was a year that started out and finished very differently in my head. So, actually really positive from really the PGA Championship on.

So, yeah, not a win and not really like consistent Top 3s or anything like that that I've seen in the past, but it was almost going to be very impossible to do that with the timing that was required on each and every shot.

So, I feel really good about the combination of the time off I have and the time to create kind of some groundwork and some changes that need to be made over the next five, six weeks, however long it is until I play again.

I definitely want to play a couple of times. I'm looking to go to Asia. I haven't been back in awhile. Most importantly I just started this year in February pretty much with one FedExCup point and with the shortened season it's too far behind when we're talking about making it to East Lake.

Obviously if you're playing good and winning a golf tournament it doesn't matter where you start. It's not like you have to start and win right away but it is a lot easier when you get off to a good -- fall season or beginning of the year start.

I felt like I needed stuff more and it definitely led into my play and decision-making a little bit. This will be an important off-season for me for sure.

Q. Will the Presidents Cup lead into your decision-making on what to play in the fall, would you add Houston or just to try to give Tiger more information on where your game is at?
JORDAN SPIETH: I'll touch base with him and see what he's thinking. I believe by that time I will have, you know, gotten myself back to the level of play that I expect out of myself but, at the same time, you know, being in my shoes I don't necessarily feel I deserve it but I also feel I can definitely help the team out a lot.

That's how I'm supposed to think, right? So we'll see what happens. I mean if there's something that he wants me to do in order to make the team, yes, that would definitely impact what he would do because making those team events is a significant goal every year for me.

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