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August 18, 2019

Tiger Woods

Medinah, Illinois

Q. Tiger, you kind of had a lot to accomplish today. At some point does the air go out a little bit or --
TIGER WOODS: Little bit frustrating. I didn't have the short game I needed to make a run. I made too many bogies around the greens and I had 2-under par early and giving myself at least an outside chance of getting to my number and thought if I shot 6-under par today I think that might have moved on.

The wind as it picked up and maybe need to shoot 5. I think 6 would have been safe.

Q. Talked to some of the other golfers that were out there. They said mud balls were a problem. Were you surprised they didn't play lift, clean and place?
TIGER WOODS: I was very surprised. We were a little shocked on the first tee when we heard we were going to play it down; aiming them off the greens and trying to play for slices and hooks and it was very interesting.

Q. Why do you think they did that?
TIGER WOODS: I don't know. I don't know. Because it's the last round -- I understand the USGA doing it. The PGA TOUR, we normally play it up when we have conditions like this. 70 of the best players of the year playing, maybe not. Maybe that was their reasoning.

Q. How disappointing is it not to get to Atlanta?
TIGER WOODS: It is. It's disappointing. I wish I could have. Last year culminated in a pretty special moment for me and would have been nice to go back there but I'll be watching the guys on TV.

Q. What part of your game were you the happiest with and part of the game most disappointing?
TIGER WOODS: My the short game was most disappointing. I wasn't very good. The most exciting part was the fact I felt better than I did last week and was able to the hit driver and I drove the eyes out of it for me. I was hitting it long and straight and that was fun.

Q. How do you evaluate your season overall?
TIGER WOODS: Very special to win my 15th Major and get my fifth jacket. Those are special moments and be able to have an opportunity like that, and the rest of the tournaments I didn't really play as well as I wanted to but at the end of the day, I'm the one with the green jacket.

Q. Short game a question of reps, mostly?
TIGER WOODS: I don't know if it's reps or not. I didn't have a feel for what I needed to do this week. I struggled out of the bunkers this week especially today, I got a couple -- I misjudged the sand. Some were hard, some had some softness to it. I thought the rain would have made them all pretty firm but I had a hard time getting the feel for it for sure.

Q. How do you juggle the next two months with your game, like what's the balance between rest and fitness and actually trying to play and practice and all that?
TIGER WOODS: I think right now the most important thing is fitness for sure. Keep going the way I'm going right now because I need to get a little bit stronger in certain body parts. Activate different areas. I need to get those parts stronger for sure and then starting building up my game for Japan.

Q. What is it to come back to Medinah?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah. I thought this is one of the most difficult ballparks. A big ballpark, long the rough was up but 20-under par, you shoot 20-under par you're going to lose. That was a bit of a shock considering that we've had Major Championships here and where the U.S. Open, or PGA and they seem to play a lot harder than they are this week.

Granted, softer. These greens have a lot of movement to them. They did a pretty good job setting up the golf course with some of the pins. Little bit tough and on knobs. Guys are handling it.

Q. What was your favorite shot of the week at the Masters?
TIGER WOODS: Probably the tee shot I hit on 17. That was the best shot I hit all year. The other great shot I hit was probably with Sneds on the 10th hole in Match Play off my knees, left-handed under the bush. Pretty cool tee shot.

Q. (Inaudible).
TIGER WOODS: Considering the moment, I needed to pipe that ball. I did. I gave it a little more than normal and hit a flat fade and I think that was -- had allowed me to go on to win.

Q. In that situation did you ever think back to '05?
TIGER WOODS: I did. That was one of the reasons why I was so focused and I didn't celebrate after I made that birdie on 16 because I've been in that situation before with DiMarco, I had two shot lead and went bogey, bogey and ended up being in a playoff. It was the best shot to get that ball in the fairway and get it down there and I accomplished both.

Q. Will you paying attention to Presidents Cup standings today?
TIGER WOODS: Absolutely I'll be looking at it. Patrick needed a high finish as well as Tony. Solo 3rds. I don't know what happened at the bottom, I don't know if Bryson made a run to get up there but it's exciting to be the Captain of the Presidents Cup team and these guys have been texting me all week and have some great exchanges. I'm excited to have the team locked in. This is going to be our core of the team and can't wait to reach out to hall of them.

Q. You came up on the calendar year and now they have this wrap-around. Does this really feel like the end of the season or are you more like let's keep going here?
TIGER WOODS: Well, it's virtually the end of the season for me. I'm going to play one Tour event in Japan. I sometimes used to go to Japan or South Africa or Australia in the fall and play. That's basically the same thing for me.

What is it, two weeks off, three weeks off? Two? Last year it was none until you play the Ryder Cup and you had guys were headed over to California.

It's a long season, lot of events. I remember back when I first played the Tour and right before I played the Tour Norman used to skip everything and meet you at Doral and make his run and be Player Of The Year, win the money title.

You can't do that anymore. You already missed over a quarter of the season. It's a very different format that forces us to play in the fall a little bit more or trying to figure out this year with the PGA being moved, trying to figure out the cramped schedule. It's a lot.

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