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August 8, 2019

Tiger Woods

Jersey City, New Jersey

Q. The effort was there but looked like the energy was a little hard to summon today?
TIGER WOODS: I just didn't play well. Just one of those things where I just didn't hit any good shots and didn't make any putts. Other than that, added up to a round that broke 80.

Q. You hit a couple of really nice drives. 13, you had an eagle putt. So it wasn't all bad.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, but it was just off. I was just trying to feel it, trying to find it, and then could never get it. Then I got on a bad run there, a couple bogeys and a double. I had a couple opportunities to make a couple birdies, three-putt the fourth hole, or third hole -- I'm all confused with the routing. It's the Presidents Cup still.

But yeah, I had my opportunities to turn it around and I didn't do it.

Q. What were you trying to do on -- play at the pin?
TIGER WOODS: No. I pulled a little 9. I was trying to hit a flat 9 in there and I got steep on it. Pulled it a little bit.

Q. Did you have any --
TIGER WOODS: No, I didn't have a lie, either.

Q. Thought about it --
TIGER WOODS: No, I did not. Went down and took a look at it and the ball was sitting down. Even if I had a perfect line, it would have been one of those practice round things, where as kids we might try and play it, and hopefully wouldn't hit ourselves. But no, ball was sitting down.

Q. When you see so many low numbers, obviously you see the boards -- how difficult is that --
TIGER WOODS: We all knew it was soft out here with the rain last night. I knew I had to go get it, post a low one, and didn't do it. It's certainly out there. Certainly gettable. Greens are soft. Fairways are soft. You can play aggressively and not have any real ramifications for playing aggressive.

Q. Talked about your back being stiff yesterday. Was it the same today?
TIGER WOODS: It's a little bit stiff, yeah, but that's just the way it's going to be.

Q. The irons coming in -- was that from practicing not as much as you would like to?
TIGER WOODS: No, I was off. I was trying to feel, it find it, and could not quite get a since of the feel of the bottom. It was definitely off, and hence my distance control was off.

Q. Anything in particular that aggravates you most about today --
TIGER WOODS: The driver felt fine. I felt really good with that but I just didn't feel sharp with anything else. My iron game, which is generally the strongest part of my game, was off.

Q. What did you hit on 13?
TIGER WOODS: What's 13.

Q. The par 5.
TIGER WOODS: I'm still off. Yeah, I hit 5-iron in there.

Q. On 12, was the ball plugged in the first bunker?
TIGER WOODS: Yes, it was.

Q. And did you just think, hit it to the fat of the green?
TIGER WOODS: I just tried to play to the front edge of the green and I rolled that one in the other bunker and I hit that one close for a tap-in bogey.

Q. With the way your back is, what's the most frustrating thing for you when you come out and it feels better like today and you shoot a number like today?
TIGER WOODS: It just feels frustrating to shoot anything high no matter how I feel. I knew today was the -- you know, we had the early tee time. We had the perfect greens, and had to go out there and shoot something under par and get it going. Had to be, you know, 4-, 5-, 6-under par today. I went the other way with it.

Q. Optimistic about tomorrow, maybe turning this around?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I'm going to have to. I'm going to have to figure out a way to get this thing under par and hopefully move on and have a chance on the weekend to keep progressing and keep going lower. But I've got to get into the red at the end of the day tomorrow for sure.

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