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February 12, 2004

Tiger Woods


Q. Looked like it was one of those rounds you were grinding trying to get everything you could when you were not striking it all that well.

TIGER WOODS: Just trying to get back in the competitive flow. It took a few holes to get back into it and from there, trying to basically keep myself out of trouble. This golf course can definitely put you in a pretty good hurt, and could put you behind.

I just went in the tent and I asked them in there, how we doing: "71, you're in fourth place on this golf course and 57th in the tournament." Everyone is tearing apart the North, so I need to do that tomorrow, too.

Q. Tell me about your approach on No. 1, after that lovely drive?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I told Stevie, you start off with a quick snap and then you've got to finish inaudible you've got to hit a big old slice in there. I had 194, just tried to hit a nice comfortable 4 iron and make sure I cut it. The only hard part was I had too much club on the shot, so I had to take something off of it. That was the hardest part about it.

Q. First day back, first round, were you happy?

TIGER WOODS: Very happy. Very pleased that I shot a round under par. I didn't get I got two bad breaks on the par 5s here. I put the ball in the bunker with basically no shot.

Other than that, I felt like I just hung in there. I didn't play well, but I just hung in there and kept myself out of trouble.

Q. Little bit of emotion on that one hole, very uncharacteristic of you to show your emotions like that.

TIGER WOODS: Well, I think you would, too, if you hit a driver that looked like a banana.

Q. The par 5, 9

TIGER WOODS: Today I hit a great drive. Only problem was I ended up in a divot, so I didn't have much control over the second shot. Tried to get the ball in where in the bunker that was happening on the downslope. There was no shot. I could get there with no problem today if I was hitting from a normal lie. With this wind, because the wind is actually coming down off the right today, in your face, you can't get there.

Q. Was that what was frustrating you more than anything, the wind or any particular

TIGER WOODS: Just didn't quite have it today. I felt comfortable on the range. My warm up was really good. I came out and hit good shots early and then I kind of just gradually just lost it just a touch. And then all of the sudden I got it back on 6. I hit a great 3 iron. I started getting things going. I hit a good drive the next hole and kicked into the rough. Hit a good tee shot on 8. I started hitting better coming home, but the middle part of the round, I kind of lost it a little bit.

End of FastScripts.

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