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February 13, 2004

Tiger Woods


Q. How was it today?

TIGER WOODS: It was an interesting round of golf today. I didn't drive it very well today. I was off to a great start and then three bogeys right there in a row and lost it there, got it back towards the end.

Q. Do you like where you're standing?

TIGER WOODS: It's definitely reachable to win the tournament from there. I don't have too many guys to past. I'm in the 19th spot right now. It's not too bad going over to the hardest golf course. If I have two good solid rounds like I did the year I won, and I shot a 77 on the South that year on Friday and came back and shot two rounds on the weekends to win the tournament. It can be done.

Q. Are you back to feeling like you're on tour again? I know it takes a couple of rounds to adjust.

TIGER WOODS: You don't really now it's like I'm playing again instead of worrying about all these different things. You can feel the shot. I played a lot at home. But getting in the competitive atmosphere out here and grinding it out, four or five footers, the feel of hitting putts like that and the concentration it takes. At home you're just punking around, four or five footers, you hit them in there nonchalantly, no dig deal. Out here they mean more.

Q. Is it fun?

TIGER WOODS: It's fun to compete again. It's what I live for, to get out here and compete again and try to win.

Q. There was a time when you and Vijay and Phil were below the cut line. And viewers were probably going, oh boy.

TIGER WOODS: Not with all the easy holes I had coming up. I was even par. I had three par 5s left and a bunch of short holes to play. If I could take care of the Par 5s, that should take me to the cut. And if I made a couple of other birdies here and there, with no bogeys, I should be all right. That's exactly what I did.

Q. Vijay didn't make it. Did it surprise you?

TIGER WOODS: It does surprise me, considering that he's playing so well. That South Course you don't realize how hard it is over there. I shot 1 under. I was in the 12th spot on the South Course. Scores are going to come back over there. If you don't have your game solid and tuned in on the South Course, it can definitely bite you.

Q. You're 6 off the lead, that's par for the course for you in this tournament, it seems like, isn't it?

TIGER WOODS: I don't know. At least I played the North Course better than I normally do. Usually it's 70 or 71 over here. I usually play well on the South. So hopefully I can get it going again on the weekend

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