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March 5, 2004

Tiger Woods


Q. How would you assess the day?

TIGER WOODS: I didn't play particularly well, but I ended up with a decent number to keep myself in the tournament. I basically just grinded round the golf course today -- I didn't really do anything great, just kept myself out of trouble until the last hole. I three putted there, but overall it was a good scoring round.

Q. It's been a long few days with you doing a lot of the course as well as on it -- have you felt the length of the day getting to you at the end?

TIGER WOODS: No -- that's why I train as hard as I do, so all that training does pay dividends in the end.

Q. What happened on 18?

TIGER WOODS: I 3-putted from 40 feet. I lost my drive right, hit an eight iron in there to the front edge of the green, knocked it five feet short and then missed it.

Q. Expectations for the rest of the week.

TIGER WOODS: Hopefully I can play a little bit better than I did today. If I can play the way I did yesterday and make a few more putts I should be alright. I played better yesterday but just managed to play the par fives better today.

Q. You'll have to go some to catch your buddy, Mark, is now 9-under.

TIGER WOODS: Yes -- I think they [O'Meara and McGinley] are feeding off of one another -- that's usually what happens. One guy gets going and the other guys get going a little bit and they are just feeding off on another and making birdies left and right together.

Q. Differences in the course from your last visit?

TIGER WOODS: The rough is definitely higher -- not significantly higher but it is higher.

Q. How have you found the crowds here?

TIGER WOODS: The fans have been great, they're respectful, extremely courteous and they're excited about hopefully seeing some good golf.

End of FastScripts.

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