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March 21, 2004

Tiger Woods


Q. How do you feel going into next week?

TIGER WOODS: Feel like going and having a nice little beer right now and I should be all right.

Q. Are you disappointed with this week?

TIGER WOODS: No, no. I'm excited about the things I've improved on. This is one of my best driving weeks I've had all year. Iron game was absolutely horrific, but if I can hit it closer, I'm putting well, just get it a little closer and roll it in.

The things I'm working on are starting to come together. I get up there and I hit shots like I did most of this week off the tees -- the problem, as I said yesterday, my bad shots, I'm making bogeys, double; I'm in water or out-of-bounds or something like that, unplayable shots. If I can get my misses a little bit more under control, then I should be all right.

Q. -- the wrong club on 6 --

TIGER WOODS: No. He was just as hot as I was, so it didn't really matter.

Q. I asked you about a player yesterday and you're not used to that, I apologize for it, but Stuart Appleby is in a position to win more tournaments in last six months than anybody. How does that speak of him?

TIGER WOODS: He's playing well. He's working very hard with his coach and they have done some good work on his swing. A lot of it is confidence. You start winning; winning breeds winning. That's exactly what he's doing. It doesn't hurt that he's making a lot of putts, too. I don't know what he is, either first or second or third or something like that in putting this week. If you do that and hit the ball halfway decent, you're going to have a chance to win, and that seems like what he's doing.

Q. Will you be staying in the barracks?


Q. A little different?

TIGER WOODS: It's fun. Just like going out camping with Marco when we went up to Alaska for fishing; it's the same thing.

Q. Will you shine your boots to military specs and all that?

TIGER WOODS: I grew up in that household. People forget, it's not my dad who was strict; it was my mom. So I grew up with that kind of upbringing. So that hasn't changed.

Q. You equate going fishing with Marco and staying on the beach with the barracks?

TIGER WOODS: Well, you said accommodations -- (Laughter.)

Q. When you're doing this barracks, this whole thing, are you drying to make a statement at the same time about yourself?

TIGER WOODS: No, no, no. You're reading way too much into it. You're going way too deep. (Laughter.)

Q. Inaudible?

TIGER WOODS: I'm excited about the things I'm working on. As I said, this is one of the best driving weeks I've had all year. I wish my irons were a little closer. I'm putting well. It's just that when you have 30 -, 40-footers every hole, it's hard.

Q. How about next week?

TIGER WOODS: Hopefully I'll be ready. As I said, I need to keep working on the things I'm working on. They are starting to come together, and stay patient.

Q. Getting ready for Augusta; is that a goal?

TIGER WOODS: The goal is always to have it ready for every major. That's where you want to peak, four times a year.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TIGER WOODS: Last year.

Q. After Thursday, are you surprised that you were not able to keep that going?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I was surprised because of how well I played. Then all of a sudden to not have played that well, again, was frustrating because I hit so many good shots. But my bad shots were, as I said, unplayable. I just need to tighten up those shots, get them more in play, and get myself more looks at putts. If I do that like I did the first day, as I said, I'm putting well. I've been putting well all year. Just a matter of giving myself enough looks at birdies.

Q. You talked about working on certain things, different from what you've done --

TIGER WOODS: No, I think you tend to work -- we all have our own way of swinging natural. If we didn't do anything, you have your natural golf swing and you have faults in it. I have my natural golf swing and I have faults in it. So you need to get back to where -- keep working on it so that what you're doing right is comfortable and natural. It's getting back to things that I'm good at doing, just consistency in your shots where you can shape it both ways, high, low, doesn't matter what shot it is.

Considering how well I've been hitting my irons all year, after I hit my irons well all year except for the three rounds the first three days at L.A. were not very good, but I drove it better. Then I caved in my driver and then I hit my irons great again and then I drove it back. Now I'm back to driving it good and hitting my irons bad. If I put things together, I'll be all right.

Q. How tough is it to repeat here?

TIGER WOODS: It's a tough golf course. I know they had the rough up, what, four or five inches this year. It's a heck of a test. It's very difficult. If you're not on with your game, you're not going to win. It puts a big premium on ball-striking and putting the ball in the correct spots.

End of FastScripts.

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