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July 15, 2004

Tiger Woods


Q. How, after a hard day like that, can you sit up there and smile when you're on TV? You're amazing.

TIGER WOODS: It was nice to make that putt on the last hole. Today was just ideal scoring conditions. It was nice to shoot a round like I did. I had a chance of going over par there on 15 and I made a great par-putt on there, and made two great shots on 16 to make birdie. So I was playing really well, and at the end I kind of salvaged it.

Q. One last thing, you wanted it really to be tough today. You didn't get your wish. Maybe tomorrow?

TIGER WOODS: You never know. That's the thing, the forecasters here aren't as accurate as they probably could be. Today was supposed to be blowing and it ended up being probably one of the best days you'll ever see in a British Open. Hopefully it will blow tomorrow and we'll go out there and hopefully do the same thing we did today.

Q. You're still in good position after 18.

TIGER WOODS: I played good today.

Q. You played well?

TIGER WOODS: I played really well today. I hit a lot of good shots and lost a couple of shots on the front nine that I probably should have kept while I was going, but overall this was a good day.

Q. (Inaudible).

TIGER WOODS: I think it was positive the way I played today. That's the key. Granted, I shot a good number, but I think that's indicative of the shots I hit, and I hit a lot of good shots and controlled my ball really well today.

Q. You hit a lot of irons off tees, at least the ones I saw.

TIGER WOODS: A lot of it was just the wind. We hit 4-irons off most of the tees, but it was just the nature of the golf course. The other day I hit a couple of a 5-irons starting off the first couple of holes, because that's just the way the holes play. You've just got to put the ball in play and move on.

Q. How is this golf course playing for you today?

TIGER WOODS: Probably as easy as you'll ever see it. We had very little wind, granted it was changing directions all day. But it was as good as it gets out here. We were supposed to have some pretty good wind, but it didn't happen. Maybe it might happen tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible).

TIGER WOODS: Tough pins. There's some really good pins out there. And you had some pins on some easier, shorter holes that were just over the mounds, so it was hard to get close. Even the holes that you thought you probably had some wedges and sand wedges and 9-irons in there you can't be really too aggressive because of the way the pin is located.

Q. You go out tomorrow, you're in the morning and it seems the weather is a little better in the morning. Is there any change in your plan because you're playing in the morning?

TIGER WOODS: No, you just play with what the golf course gives you. Today we had an opportunity to -- for instance, we drove 16 today, hit driver off the tee. I haven't hit a driver all week, just because the wind hasn't been out of that direction. It changed on 15. We were playing 15, all of a sudden it went down. It's been in our face coming home; it changed. We took advantage of it. That's the way you have to play this golf course. That's what the wind gives you, and that's what you have to do.

Q. The par-saver on 15 was good?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I could have gone over par there, and I was playing well. It was two back-to-back bogeys on 12 and 13. You didn't want to go over par, especially as well as I was playing. It was nice to make that putt and come right back and capitalize on that par-5 and make birdie there, too.

Q. You seemed like you were enjoying playing with Greg.

TIGER WOODS: I've played with Greg before. We had a good time. We were out there both grinding. It was nice to see him make some great saves out there, too. I don't know how his hip was doing. He's a true champion out there. He went out there and grinded his way around.

Q. Are you right where you want to be after round 1?

TIGER WOODS: It's positive. It's a positive start. And hopefully I can continue on that and play that well the rest of the tournament.

End of FastScripts.

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