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August 1, 2004

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: The golf course was playing pretty easy out there today. I just didn't make any putts on the back nine. I had two good looks, actually three good looks at putts early in the back nine and didn't make them. Ended up costing me a chance to win the tournament.

Q. What were you thinking when you looked up at the score board and heard the noise from John and you see 5 under in four holes?

TIGER WOODS: Well, figured probably 23 would probably be in the playoff today. Maybe if I got to 34, shot 9 under I might win outright. But looking like exactly what we thought it would be, and it was frustrating I didn't do it because I had an opportunity on the back nine to piece together a really good back nine. I just didn't do it.

Q. A lot of putts inaudible how frustrating is that?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it really is. They weren't very hard putts. The hardest putt I made was on 13 and that was a pretty big, breaking putt and I made it. But the easy putts, I didn't make. And they weren't very hard and they weren't bouncing off line. I just hit two good putts and one really poor put.

Q. Are there that many courses where you could shoot like this and not win a tournament?

TIGER WOODS: There are a few. Unfortunately it happened to be this week.

Q. No bogeys, have you ever been in a situation where all four guys in contention have played that well; nobody faltered at all?

TIGER WOODS: You know what, I'll be honest with you, I haven't really seen it like that unless maybe the Bob Hope or something like that, but I haven't been part of a final group like that or a final two groups. Usually somebody makes but the golf course is so soft, marginal drives were going to stay in the fairway on the first cut. They were not going to run into the deep stuff, and the greens, 4 and 5 irons are backing up. So you could see somebody holding it together, even if you were not playing when you could hold it together on that back nine.

Q. Are you looking forward to the Battle of the Bridges tomorrow?

TIGER WOODS: It's always a blast to play in that event. We've had different formats, different things happen, and a lot of fun. I think we done that and take it to primetime with David and myself the first time and it's a pretty neat concept. I think it turned out well.

Q. Pretty cool with John Daly being there tomorrow with what went on today?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, JD is playing extremely well. I think it just makes it that much more difficult for Hank and I to beat Phil and JD.

Q. Are you right where you want to be heading into the PGA?

TIGER WOODS: The things I've been working on all summer long are starting to come together. It's been a lot of fun to see some fruits of my hard labor there. I've had some very positive things happen this week. Even though I didn't win, I hit the ball very well this week. I had an opportunity to win this weekend.

Q. Talk about the gallery on 17, how was the etiquette or did get a little rowdy?

TIGER WOODS: You expect that. You expect it here, probably Williamsburg and Phoenix, are probably the only three tournaments where they are like that.

Hey, they are excited, they are great. As long as they don't go over the top, I think they cleaned it up a few years ago because it was getting over the top. I think the security and I think there's nothing wrong with being excited and everything, just as long as they don't get over the top and they didn't do that today.

Q. 21 under par, are we still going to hear about a slump because you didn't win?

TIGER WOODS: I don't know, you're writing it and you're talking about it, so I don't know.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I'm very excited and I played really well this week. To have only one bogey for 72 holes is extremely positive, but also very disappointing I didn't win because I played so well. It's not too often you play that well and not win. But I had my looks at putts today and just didn't make them.

End of FastScripts.

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