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June 23, 2019

Paul Casey

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Just another round under 70.
PAUL CASEY: I've got to keep my continued run of twos going.

Q. Yeah. Talk about that on the 15th today.
PAUL CASEY: Oh, the two on 15. Best shot I've ever hit into that hole. 3-wood. I'm not sure what the front yardage is. It's about 260, 256 to carry it on to the front, and I was yelling, Go, because I thought it was just going to be short.

It's a very difficult wind. The wind is in off the left for the right-handed golfer - any golfer - and it just makes it difficult for myself and the other guys in the field to kind of hit the draw that you need to hold the line.

But I did. I pulled it off. That green is getting very glassy, very sort of shiny at the back there. Look, if I was here watching today I would be sitting on that hole. That's the entertaining hole.

Happy to get out of there with a two.

Q. You're in at 11. You're good friends and Chez. Both Sun Devils. What's the feeling here now?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I mean, I'm going to finish wherever, probably maybe just outside Top 5 or something like that. Probably still a top 10 at the end of the day. I want Chez to win. Chez went to Arizona State, as did I. We played on the golf team together. He's a dear friend. He's one the most solid guys out here. He's been through a lot of injuries and he works incredibly hard. We're members at the same golf club.

We have a lot of, yeah, common themes. I hope he pulls it off. The golf he played yesterday, the 28, was one of the best nines that I can think of since I've been on tour - knowing the winds that he faced.

Yeah, I'll be supporting him.

Q. (Regarding Chez Reavie in college.)
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, look, he wasn't really kind of -- wasn't really heavily recruited. Was just kind of the local kid that ended up on the team at ASU. You know, we were very fortunate he chose to play his college golf there. He had the ability to go anywhere.

What was he, Pub Links champion way back when? He looked like he didn't have the athleticism that a lot of -- certainly you see it now, players on tour. He didn't really have that extra something, but what he doesn't have in stature he makes up for in tenacity and grit.

So he would have won more out here if he hadn't gone through injuries. Yeah, I've been through injuries as well so I know how difficult it is. I'm incredibly proud of what he's achieved on tour. He's got so much more to achieve as well, so hopefully this is a start of many things if he can get this done today.

Q. Talk to me about your week and all that's new here and what you think of this place and what they've done with it.
PAUL CASEY: This tournament, there is a reason that it gets vote best event on tour by the players seems like almost every year. I mean, look, I love new clubhouses and this is amazing. I need to know the name of the builder who can build a clubhouse in ten months, because I can't get anything done at my house in less than a year.

What I'm trying to say is tournament really is all about the people. That's what makes this tournament so good. They spoil us with this, with valet parking. Even the caddies get valet parking. I think. I don't know. This tournament is so good because of the people that run it. Andy Bessette and his team and the fans that come out, they're the real superstars this week.

Q. You came in today ten strokes behind Reavie. What was your game plan, thought process, heading into today's round?
PAUL CASEY: My number at the beginning of the week was 16-under, which I know I wasn't sharing that, but that's what I had in the back of my mind thinking that would win. It probably will.

My thought coming into the round? Well, I played some really good golf on the front nine; didn't get a lot going my way. I felt I didn't get a lot going my way. If I could do a Chez on the back nine and shoot 28 maybe I could scare him a bit.

Really I'm trying to get FedEx points and world ranking point and really felt like the victory - and I believe even now it's gone. Guys are going to make some birdies coming in. I did my job. Did what I could.

Q. Just our plan going forward?
PAUL CASEY: Three weeks off for me. I've not played Portrush before, so my focus is now getting ready for that. Go in early, do a recky (phonetic), learn it as quick as I can. And three weeks off really is also to save some energy. I'm not tired, but I've got a lot of golf ahead. I'll play Memphis. There is a possibility you'll see me at Wyndham because of the Wyndham Rewards now, and then the FedExCup.

Then I've got a whole bunch of European events I need to play to fulfill my European membership requirements. I go all the way through to December, so all this rubbish about tired golfers, I'll be all right, but I'm just getting ready now. I'm basically halfway through my season.

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