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August 14, 2004

Tiger Woods


TIGER WOODS: I'm definitely going to need some help from for the guys not to run away.

Q. How low do you think someone can go out here?

TIGER WOODS: You look at Paul McGinley, he's 5-under early, Fleschy shot 5-under. So it would not surprise me if some of the leaders were 3- or 4-under par on the front nine. Some of the holes are pretty accessible. They are pretty easy to get to.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TIGER WOODS: First day, I haven't putted that poorly in a very long time. Yesterday I got back to normal and today I putted decent, not great. Made some putts early but in the middle part of the round.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TIGER WOODS: As I said, I didn't play as poorly as my score indicated. Golly, I haven't putted that bad in -- it's bad when you're out there contemplating, feel like Calc, going through nine different grips in one round. I wasn't feeling very good at all. But did a little work Thursday night, got it back and putted great yesterday.

Q. Do you have any damage to your house?

TIGER WOODS: I don't know. I'm going to go find that out this afternoon. I didn't want to call this morning and have that on my mind going out there to play.

Q. Forecast for tomorrow is pretty good wind out of the south.


Q. How difficult will the finishing holes be?

TIGER WOODS: Considering that we hit driver, 3-wood in the practice rounds to 18, hopefully it will be like that again. That's the kind of wind I'm going to have to have in order to get back into this tournament and play just a great round of golf.

As I said, we need some help from the leaders not to go ahead and shoot 5- , 6-under par. If Vijay or Justin goes out there and shoots 5- or 6-under par, gets to 14-, 15-under par, pretty much out of reach.

Q. What was your mindset when you made the putt at 3-under?

TIGER WOODS: If I could get three or four more on the back nine, I would be right back where I needed to be.

Q. The camera -- inaudible -- is there any similarity to 7 today and 11 today, the drive?

TIGER WOODS: Actually, it's happened three times so far this week. Yesterday, on 5.

Q. What keeps you from getting locked back in to where you need to be?

TIGER WOODS: Just completely out of rhythm. You're not used hearing cameras go off normally when you play golf. You know, I should get my focus back but I didn't do it. Today we're on the clock so I need to -- I couldn't waste my time, put the club back and start the whole routine all over again. I had to get up and golf hit a poor shot.

Q. What time did that happen?

TIGER WOODS: We got on the clock on the sixth hole.

Q. Is this camera problem getting more or less?

TIGER WOODS: Definitely more. Definitely more. I think it's the guys that we don't see week to week. It's not the guys that are TOUR vets that we are accustomed to. They know what they are doing. The guys are just making their appearance for one week, the incidents that have happened, we don't know. Although the veterans we know out here by name, they never mess up. They know what to do, when to take the photos and they do it appropriately.

Q. You seem to have had a lot of pressure on you in a couple of majors with needing some help on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday; is that getting weary, getting tired of that?

TIGER WOODS: It's getting frustrating that I was not able to put myself up there. You know, by putting as poorly as did I on Thursday, I just put myself too far back trying and I expecting to play and make a bunch of pars and expect to get back in the tournament, I need to go out there, be aggressive and make a bunch of birdies. As you said, the past few majors, that's what ends up happening.

Q. You've got three, maybe four of the most off-weeks putting and probably the worst four weeks of the year, are you pushing, do you think?


Q. Pushing it too much?

TIGER WOODS: No. I think it's just a lot of it's just mechanics. At Augusta, I know what I was doing there. I just couldn't quite solve it. I fixed it on Sunday but it was already too late.

British Open, I putted decent. U.S. Open, I putted decent. This week, Thursday, as I said I have not put that had poorly in one round.

Q. Do you think you're putting too much pressure on yourself knowing it's a major?

TIGER WOODS: No, just go up there and stick to the same routine and I just put. Unfortunately if my mechanics are not sound, it's tough to get speed and direction.

Q. You can try Vijay's belly putter?

TIGER WOODS: He went away from that, though.

Q. He said he's still got a rhythm because he's not quite sold on the short.

TIGER WOODS: He's putting well.

Q. Do you get to a point, where you start to gather yourself a little?

TIGER WOODS: Oh, yes, we all do. You're not human and play golf, we all go through that. All it takes is one putt and you feel like you're on top of the world again. That's just how golf is. Once I got it going Friday, I felt great.

Q. What keeps you from switching putters the way some guys do?

TIGER WOODS: I've never believed in it. It's not the putter's fault.

Q. You were complimentary of the gallery yesterday, how were they today?

TIGER WOODS: They were great. They were great all week. Extremely excited and extremely supportive and they have been extremely great as well and respectful. I can't remember being in front of a gallery like this where they are just respectful all the way around. Usually get some that had a couple too many yelling out some of the wrong things, haven't had that this week.

End of FastScripts.

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