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June 21, 2019

Paul Casey

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Birdie on the last punctuating your second round 68. How would you characterize your second round here?
PAUL CASEY: I struggled a little bit. I struggled with the ball striking. I don't like the rain. I don't like the cold. Body --

Q. You're a Brit though.
PAUL CASEY: I know. I hate that. Everybody always says that. You should be used to it. I haven't been in it for 22 years. You got to remember that.

Body was aching. Combination of last week's kind of cold and misty conditions as well. Still a good day. Happy with the 2-under. It was glorious to watch Jason Day shoot his 63. Impressive stuff. Looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Was does it say about your game on a day that you struggle in conditions that you don't like that you're still able to turn in a couple under?
PAUL CASEY: You know, I got a lot of help. I got Johnny standing next to me kind of getting me round. I've been working very hard on the putting and without that maybe it wouldn't have been -- the score wouldn't be what it currently is. I'm actually building a lot of confidence with the putter, which is good.

So, yeah, yeah, as bad as it feels, it is what it is. But I had to work through it and figure out, and it wasn't until really the last couple holes where I started to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Be fun for the weekend.

Q. At this event do you feel like you have some unfinished business?
PAUL CASEY: You know, maybe, but in a weird way the second place I had last year resulted in probably kicking on and winning Tampa again this year. I said to a few guys that I had a poor warmup, and that's been the sort of center of a lot of focus of a lot of work post this event last year.

Then that warmup that I now have in place has been the key to good results at obviously Pebble and the win at Tampa. Sometimes you got to have the bad to figure out to then have the good.

I don't feel like there is unfinished business, but it's clearly a golf course I like and one I would love to win on. I don't dwell on what happened in the past.

Q. Obviously not the most ideal conditions, but you remained composed and put a score up. You've got to feel good heading into the weekend.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, feels nice. Yesterday I stood there finishing with a bogey, and today I stand here after finishing with a birdie. That tastes much better.

I did struggle through the round, especially with the ball striking; made some errors. But the putting is good.

Yeah, I mean, I'm in a good spot. Playing poorly it feels like today, not so much yesterday, but today, and the still in the mix. I'm pretty happy.

Q. You said yesterday you had a number in your head. After two days, how do you stack up to that number?
PAUL CASEY: Couple closer to it. (Laughter.) Maybe a fraction behind schedule. I don't know how else I can put it. It's all right though, because there is meant to be good conditions on the weekend if the sunshine comes out.

The golf course is in great shape. It's holding up. The parking lot doesn't look too healthy out there. Free parking and $20 to get your car towed out.

The golf course is in perfect shape, so no reason why I can't get back on that schedule and kick on.

Q. You don't like playing in the rain. When you saw the weather this morning were you like, Oh, great, when you went out there?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, look, it's not been a great draw. I think guys on my side of the draw, we had rain yesterday afternoon and we've had rain this morning, and maybe guys on the other side might get a little lucky.

And it swings around about. It's always frustrating when you're in it. You always feel like you get the bad side of the draw no matter where you are.

The main thing is not to get beaten up by it or not get down. The golf course is so playable still because the surfaces are so good. Jason Day just proved that. 63 in off-and-on rain today is spectacular golf.

Not going to stop me from doing a little rain dance this afternoon. I don't want any delays. We want everyone to get through and not have a delay for the weekend, but obviously you want the guys to face what you faced.

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