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August 22, 2004

Tiger Woods


THE MODERATOR: Tiger, 7 under par, tied for 2nd. Talk about your play over the weekend.

TIGER WOODS: Well, I didn't exactly play well yesterday, but I'll hang in there where at least I had a chance, and today I didn't make enough birdies. I knew I had to get to double digits to give myself hope and I didn't do that.

Q. It's kind of a tough course to make up a five shot spread.

TIGER WOODS: Not necessarily. If you make three, four birdies out here, there's no guarantee that Stewie was going to shoot an under par round. I mean, with the rough as high as it is, ten inch rough, you hit a couple shots like David did today, a couple bad tee shots and he had to pitch out every time. That's all it would have taken and all of a sudden the gap closes pretty fast.

Q. You held onto No. 1 again this week. Talk about your play this weekend as far as being in that position.

TIGER WOODS: I wish I would have won the tournament. The No. 1 ranking always takes care of itself with wins, and that's one thing I've always believed in. Greg went through the same thing. If you win, it takes care of itself. I was trying to win a tournament this weekend and I just wasn't able to do it.

Q. A lot of the guys on the Ryder Cup team finished under par today. How do you see that with the Ryder Cup just around the corner on a similar course?

TIGER WOODS: I don't think it really matters to be honest with you because it's so far away. I mean, guys' forms can change from not only week to week but day to day, so, I mean, just because a guy shot under par today is no guarantee we're going to shoot under par every single match. We have some tournaments in between now and then that the guys are playing in, and I'm sure we'll all be ready.

Q. Taking the week off, the week after a major is kind of a mellow week. How hard is it to keep the wave of concentration in a big, huge event like this the week after a major?

TIGER WOODS: Not hard for me. I won the PGA twice and came here and won twice, so, I mean, you've how can you not get up for a tournament as big as this one? This is the best players in the world and you're going head to head against them. That's why these tournaments were started. To me it's just a thrill. You saw the leaderboard today. There's a lot of great players up there.

Q. As a fellow competitor, how impressive was Stewart this week?

TIGER WOODS: He played solid. I played with him yesterday and he hit a couple bad drives but boy, he putted well. He made just a bunch of putts and just managed his game well. I don't know what he did today, but from watching the board, it looked like he was playing solid golf back there just making par after par after par and just forcing all the guys who are doing the chasing to come get him. He wasn't going to come back to us.

Q. How cool is it for Chris Riley to make his first Ryder Cup?

TIGER WOODS: Riles and I go back from the time we were as tall as golf bags so it's pretty cool we're on the same team and we're going to have a bunch of fun that week.

Q. Considering where you drove it in some places today and shot 69, how do you feel?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I hit two really bad tee shots on both the par 5s. I drove it all right today. I actually hit it pretty good. I hit a bunch of fairways, but unfortunately those two shots were not even close.

Q. You finished birdie par?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I did, but luckily they were par 5s.

Q. What about 16? Is the tee too far back now? Is it not framing right for you?

TIGER WOODS: I just hit bad shots. It's not that hard a tee shot.

End of FastScripts.

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