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June 20, 2019

Paul Casey

Cromwell, Connecticut

Q. Another good round at the Travelers Championship. It's becoming a habit for you. Talk about that day. I know bogey on the last, but despite that really solid day.
PAUL CASEY? Yeah, it was good. Some habits are good. Yeah, soon as you walk off, I mean, I'm still frustrated on that one. That was my fault trying to push the -- for whatever reason that front left pin just looks like I need to go at it and there is no reason to go at it. Total error on my behalf; nobody else's.

But it was a very, very good day. I did a lot of things well. I putted nicely. It's clearly a golf course I like and I'm favored on, so it was nice to deliver.

Q. Have you figured out what you like so much?
PAUL CASEY: You know, it fits my eye. Great championship. The support by all the crowd we get out there, you know, this is just a joy to play this golf event.

Travelers do such a great job. It's a golf course I play well, and it's not an easy golf course. The rounds of golf shot by guys like Jim Furyk create a false illusion. It's not that easy. It's a very good golf course that rewards good play.

Q. Because you've had so many good rounds here, does that help you stay leveled headed, don't get too high, don't get too low, especially early in the tournament?
PAUL CASEY: Don't really think about it. I'm trying to get to -- I've got a number in my head this week. It'll be a winning score. Put it this way: If I do three more 5-unders it's more than my number, so that's a good thing.

No, I'm just trying to get out there and get off to a decent start. Pins were in some pretty tricky positions today because the rules guys knew there was the possibility of rain, which we had. So they put them up on some higher spots so if water started to gather we wouldn't be in trouble. That just that made it a little trickier. Made that 5-under probably a pretty good score.

Q. (Regarding the rain.)
PAUL CASEY: Through the rain? I don't like the rain. That's why I live in Arizona. I can't stand this, and I get it so often, Oh, you're from England. You must be used to this. It's like, I'm not used to it; 22 years I've lived in the States. I'm not used to rain. I can't stand it.

Thank goodness it was on and off. When it was on it was hard. Stuff was starting to get wet. Yardage books. Johnny was getting soaking wet. I'm glad we got done. We got lucky, because the forecast earlier this week looked like we would probably be in for a delay these first couple of days.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, it's nice to get that momentum. In a way, you know, finishing good round of golf finishing with a bogey, I'm keen to get straight back out there. I like the quick turnaround. Try and keep that momentum going, and I'm going to be keen to try and put the some birdies on the board and maybe set a number for guys to chase tomorrow.

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