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September 5, 2004

Tiger Woods


TODD BUDNICK: We welcome Tiger Woods. Tiger, some thoughts on the course and heading into the final round tomorrow.

TIGER WOODS: It was a drier wind, cooler wind, and consequently the greens were really firm, really quick. I've never seen them this fast; though we've only played here two years. But they were really quick today, and you had to be very careful of your speeds, coming up and over some of the knobs that they have on some of these greens.

Q. Talk about playing in the last group; do you always want to be in the last group, is it easier?

TIGER WOODS: It is, it makes it a little bit easier to see what he's doing. With being in the last group like that, we can always react to what he's doing and makes it that much easier.

But still, you don't care who is in that last pair. You still have to go out there and play well, and I still have to go out and shoot a really good number tomorrow and wait and see what happens.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the last two holes, scrambling for par?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, on 17 I caught just the flyer of all flyers. That thing was outta here. It was 153 to the hole and I flew it up there. Not too often you hit a wedge 163 yards, especially when I'm just trying to hit it in the front that's 140.

Then on 18, I hit a good 4-iron. I was trying to play right of the hole so I could putt back up, and Christ, it's only -- I landed the ball 190 yards with a full 4-iron. That surprised me, because I thought for sure I hit that ball flag-high, if not past the flag. So it must have just got killed up in that wind.

And then when I got down there, I thought I was going to be in the hazard. I wasn't in the hazard; it was in between two rocks. Luckily I had some kind of alleyway, I was trying to hit the ball out of the rocks, but hit it short enough where I could be pitching uphill. Hit it a couple yards too far, but I had a shot at getting up-and-down.

Q. With so much talk about the No. 1 and all that, is it almost maybe fitting with Vijay being so close? Now here you are paired in the last group, in your tournament, how do you look at that?

TIGER WOODS: I think it should be a lot of fun. A lot of fun. To go out there and compete against, Vijay, he's been playing extremely well over the last couple of years and I think it would just be a blast to go out there and compete at that level.

Q. When was of the last time you played with him?


Q. Get your reaction, you probably knew it was coming, but you reaction to the extension of the tournament being here. And how much actual input did you really have? I know they approached you with all of the changes, but did you have to give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

TIGER WOODS: I didn't have to do anything. I sort of gave them my opinion. My opinion was that I think we should stay and try to build a home here, try to build some kind of connection with the community and it's up to Deutsche Bank, and obviously the tournament to decide what they want to do.

Hey, I'm excited. I'm excited to come back here. I think it's great for us to build something substantial like this here in the Boston area.

TODD BUDNICK: Let's go through your card, Tiger.

TIGER WOODS: First hole I hit a 2-iron and a sand wedge. I bounced it up short of the green and made about a 4-footer there for birdie.

Bogeyed the third hole. I hit in the right bunker. Hit a really good bunker shot to about eight feet and missed it.

I birdied the next. I hit a 3-wood off the tee and hit a 9-iron up there to about 30 feet right of the hole and made it.

7, I hit a driver and a 3-iron to, oh, about 20 feet and 2-putted.

And 10, I hit a 2-iron and a 9-iron to about 20 feet and made that.

Bogeyed 13. What did I do on 13? I hit a driver off the tee. I had an 8-iron to the green. I hit it to the right, pin-high, just hit a terrible pitch and knocked it past probably about 12 feet and missed it.

Q. Playing so good all day, and then the last two holes almost kept you -- inaudible?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I mean, could you say that. After hitting such a good 4-iron there, I thought for sure I would make birdie. Correct, if you look at where I ended up, to come out of there with two pars was nice.

Q. Inaudible?

TIGER WOODS: No, you just play it one shot at a time and take what gives it you. Certain situations you basically have a green light situation and just go at and try to make birdie. Other times you're playing conservative and trying to just get out there of with a par, and hopefully you might get lucky and make a 30-footer.

But this golf course, you good can't short-side yourself, not when the greens are this fast. They are going to be tough tomorrow.

Q. Did you have the right club on 17?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah 17, yeah, as I said, I caught the flyer of all flyers there. I don't normally hit a pitching wedge 163 yards in the air.

And then 18, I hit a good 4-iron, it's 200 yards to the front, and I hit my normal 4-iron, it goes about 215 in the air. With the wind blowing, it's cool, it's easy to carry it to the front and I didn't carry it that far. I only carried it 190 yards.

Q. Vijay is going to have to play well tomorrow -- inaudible?

TIGER WOODS: To be honest with you, I'm really not looking at it that way. I'm looking at it that Vijay and I are both vying for the tournament victory.

As I said earlier, tournament victories take care of themselves as far as the rankings are concerned. Tomorrow my goal is to go out there and try to win this thing.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, Tiger.

End of FastScripts.

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