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June 15, 2019

Jordan Spieth

Pebble Beach, California

JORDAN SPIETH: I just didn't make anything. I hit really nice putts, and then they just didn't go in today. It was actually the best I've hit it in quite a while. I felt like other than the tee ball on No. 1, I hit almost every single shot where I wanted to hit it.

So you're looking to shoot 5-, 6-under in a round like that. I pulled the wrong club on 11, and other than that I didn't make anything.

It was a week of tough bounces. And that happens and I'll go out tomorrow, just swing the club the way I did today.

Q. How do you balance hitting the ball as well as you did and then not being able to make a birdie until the 18th hole, where does the frustration lie there?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was more frustrating after I finished No. 18 when I made the birdie. It's nice instead of -- I wanted to step on the tee with driver on 18. And Michael was you can still hit 3-wood up there. And I just hit a really good committed tee ball, little 3-wood, put it in position where I could make a 4 and it was nice. Yeah, it was nice.

I was pretty upset with myself at the club pull on 11. It was a really gettable hole, especially from where I was in the fairway. I kind of reset by the end of the next hole.

And 16 pissed me off a lot. I hit a really good shot in there and it lands right where it's supposed to. Some greens are a little firmer than others right now, which they kind of have to be. You can't have them all really firm or else it's unplayable on some holes. I landed it perfectly on 16, it went up against the collar and I had to stab a putter and it breaks 16 feet anyways. That three-putt was really frustrating. I was okay before that. And hit solid shots on 17 and 18. I can't be upset at that.

What I've been looking to do is continue what I'm doing on and around the greens, drive the ball better and better each week, which I've been doing. I've got to be up there in the top-10 or so driving the ball this week, which is normally priority No. 1 at a U.S. Open. And iron play, I just want to improve each day. I got better today. Results-wise it was just a weird situation. But it was a round that I felt like I played better than either of the other two days, I just didn't score too well.

Q. When you're putting well coming into a tournament like this, and you have a day where nothing breaks, how do you make sure that doesn't carry over?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's not hard. If you're not putting well and you have a couple of good days and then you have a bad one. It's kind of harder because you just kind of wonder where you're actually at.

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