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June 15, 2019

Tiger Woods

Pebble Beach, California

TIGER WOODS: I was just saying in there I got off to a crap start. 2-under through 3, and those are the easier holes. And I had to try to fight back and claw out a round today, which I was able to do.

Q. How do you compare conditions yesterday and today?
TIGER WOODS: Just a little bit faster today, for sure. They were able to get some mowers on the fairways, and they were a little bit quicker. I think they did a great job of setting it up so that we can make birdies. And if you do miss them on the wrong spot then you still can get up and down here, which is not always the case.

Q. You were pretty steamy with the way you finished yesterday.
TIGER WOODS: I got off to an awful start, and clawed it around, but still gave myself a chance for tomorrow, which is positive. And we'll see what the weather forecast is for tomorrow. There are a lot of guys ahead of me right now. Seems like everyone is doing what I was supposed to do earlier which is play 2- to 4-under par through the first seven. We'll see what they do coming in. I was playing with Byeong today and he played a hell of a round today. Missed the ball in the correct spots and that's what you have to do in this space.

Q. You had a lot of downhill putts.
TIGER WOODS: I did. Today I made 1-putt at 16 which was just trying to keep the ball on the green. But if I had an uphill putt I seemed to make them. You're able to take out the bounciness of this poa. Putting downhill it's moving all over the place. So if you're able to hit the ball in the correct spots or leave the chips -- you'd much rather have a 10-footer coming back up the hill than a four or five footer coming back down the hill.

Q. Looked like you had KP tape on your neck, under your shirt, are you dealing with an injury or is it precautionary?
TIGER WOODS: When it's cold like this everything is achy. It's just part of the deal.

Q. How does it relate to the injury or pain you were dealing with in March when you had to get out of Bay Hill?
TIGER WOODS: It's all the same. It's been like that for years. The forces have to go somewhere. And if they're not in the lower back, they're in the neck, and if not, they're in the mid-back and if not they go to the knee. You name it.

Q. Is that pretty much the real story as much as anything physical, because of the cold it just doesn't help the circumstances?
TIGER WOODS: No, I've had my chances to post good rounds today, this week. Today was a perfect example, I fought back and if I was able to clean up my rounds the first two days, I would be closer to the lead than I am now.

Q. The putt on 17 --
TIGER WOODS: That was a great putt. I mean --

Q. What happened?
TIGER WOODS: It just took too long for it to break. It was a good, solid putt. And ended up on the left side of the hole and went around it.

Q. The neck, did it impact any shots that you recall today or yesterday as you recall?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it does. As I say my back impacts every shot I play, it's just part of the deal.

Q. Any specifically that you felt like you came out of one or didn't swing the way you'd like to have?
TIGER WOODS: Let me put it this way, I feel every shot I hit. I think that's always going to be the place from here going forward.

Q. Be better off it was 20 degrees warmer?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, god, yeah. It's Carmel.

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