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June 1, 2019

Amanda Anisimova

Paris, France


7-6, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Do you feel like you're getting used to this second week of slams thing at this point?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, it feels really great to be in the second week, obviously. I'm just super happy, because today was really tough for me.

Q. I'm guessing the key to the match was you being down 6-4 in the tiebreaker and being able to come through with four straight points. Can you take me through that section of the match?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, the whole set was just we kept taking each other's -- we kept holding serve. Yeah, when it got to the tiebreak, I was down two points and I was just trying to stay focused.

Today I didn't feel well at all. It was just super tough the whole entire match, and even my warmup. It was just a really big struggle getting through the match today and I'm just really proud I could take this win today.

Q. You pulled out your doubles yesterday with a viral infection, it said. Curious what's been going on with you last couple of days and how you're feeling.
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I feel a little bit better today, I guess. But still, it was very tough.

I'm going to eat dinner now, and I'm sure I'll feel fine tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that tomorrow (smiling).

Q. I don't know if you know anything about your next opponent, Aliona Bolsova?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I'm not sure. I'll talk to my coaches about it. Yeah.

Q. It's been a big slam for young players in the WTA. Three teenagers through to the round of 16. Do you feel like a teenager? You don't seem to carry yourself like a teenager. You seem calm, and, I'm supposed to be here. Do you feel like a kid?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I mean, kind of, yeah. I'm still 17, so I try to savor the moment while I'm still young. It's kind of nice. There have been a lot of upsets in this tournament, so that's pretty good.

Yeah, no, I feel really great that I have been doing so well at my young age, so, yeah.

Q. You have been having a great season so far. Did you expect this at the beginning of the season? What were your expectations before coming to Roland Garros?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, definitely after Australia I had confidence, but going into clay, I was just looking forward to it. I didn't really have any expectations, because I didn't play on it for such a long time because I missed the clay season last year.

I'm just really happy I got this opportunity to play and I'm really happy that I have been doing well and getting wins on it, doing well in this Grand Slam. It's really nice.

Q. Of course you know that Sonya beat Serena. What does this say for a new day in American tennis? Can you just reflect on that, please?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah, there have been so many upsets in this tournament. Anyone can beat anyone in tennis. Serena, she's tough to beat. That surprises me. In tennis, you never know what might happen.

Q. Do you remember when you're back home in the U.S., first watching the French Open?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Um, no (smiling). I actually didn't watch that much tennis growing up. I remember watching the US Open, though. It was my birthday. So, yeah.

Q. And what is your goal here at Roland Garros this year?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I'm just taking it one step at a time. I'm just really happy with the win today and how I fought today. I'm really happy with that. I'm going to let that settle in, and tomorrow I'm just going to go out and practice and hopefully I feel good and ready for the next round.

Q. The one thing that you really like about your game, the very best, what would that be?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Staying patient, probably, because on clay that's very important. Not going for shots like crazy that I usually do on hard. So, yeah, that would be something that I have been working on.

Q. You told us the other day you hadn't played on clay for a couple years before you got that title in Colombia. What were the reasons for you not playing on clay? Was that your decision with you and your team? What do you think makes you good on that surface now that you're on it and having success?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: No, I would have loved to play here last year but unfortunately I had a foot fracture during Miami Open. So that stopped me from playing on the clay and grass.

Q. You just mentioned anyone can beat anyone in tennis. Do you actually enjoy a competition situation like this that you have all the possibility to beat others and others also have the possibility to beat you?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: Yeah. It's pretty funny, but, I mean, yeah, I look forward to it, because, you know, in the Grand Slams, I mean, getting to the fourth round, it's such a big accomplishment for me. Getting further is something I really hope I can do.

Q. You sound like super calm and sort of, like, flat tone of voice. Curious if you feel like you're trying to keep a lid on your excitement or if you actually are this calm?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: No, my friends always make fun of me for it. They say I have a monotone voice. I don't like it. Everyone tells me that.

Q. We just found out that Iga Swiatek, the 18-year-old from Poland, has AC/DC and Pink Floyd on her playlist so I figured I'd ask you what's on your playlist here in Paris?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I have, like, Drake, some people you probably don't know, like A Boogie wit da Hoodie, and just, like, the new rap. Yeah, I just listen to that. It pumps me up.

Q. You have dedicated so much of your life to tennis. Can you imagine some day being a Grand Slam champion? If there were one Grand Slam that you'd like to win, what would that be?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I think any Grand Slam I'd be happy. But, yeah, I mean, in Australia I was, like, Oh, I want to win this Grand Slam now.

But, like, now, no, I'm taking it one step at a time. Obviously I really want to win a Grand Slam, but I'm taking it one round at a time, and hopefully it will come one day.

Q. Lastly, your next opponent is a qualifier. Do you have to play any games in your head not to feel like you have pressure? Because maybe people will expect you to win with the higher ranking?
AMANDA ANISIMOVA: I didn't know she was a qualifier, but that's great for her, getting through all the quallies and getting to the fourth round. That's really amazing.

I'm sure she's really happy with her results, and I am, too. It should be a good match, and I'm looking forward to playing against her.

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