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May 16, 2019

Paul Casey

Farmingdale, New York

Q. Let's just talk about the scenario the lead (indiscernible) 63, 64. Remarkable (indiscernible). But for you to get out a little (indiscernible) at Bethpage. How do you feel about that?
PAUL CASEY: I feel good about it. This such a tough golf course. Brooks has played an unbelievable round of golf. Displayed how good he can be, how good he is.

I honestly didn't think the only groups would have that, show those kind of numbers (indiscernible). I'm happy. You can only really shoot yourself in the foot the first day. I did that a few weeks ago, and I didn't do that today. So even with a blemish, I'm happy.

Q. So let's go to the finish, then, because nice to get out, to give you this mark, a level par, a lovely way to finish.
PAUL CASEY: It was. 1-over. I tried to make this to the 17, which I did. And I had a big crowd behind -- actually, crowds are great all week.

Q. They are out.
PAUL CASEY: (Indiscernible) which is why I pointed at them. I loved it. I love this golf course. My brother lives in New York. It's very different from where I live in Arizona. But enjoy it. You have to embrace everything that goes with the difficulty of the golf course and the crowds.

Q. Now, for your game, what do you take from today into the next few days?
PAUL CASEY: Ball striking was pretty good. Putting for the most part was pretty solid. The errors you see, there was a couple of poor tee shots. 9 was a poor tee shot, and I just absolutely messed up on 14 -- 13. Wasn't good. But we got to fire out the rough, I won't go through it, but it was just -- that happens. So you have to roll through it. I saw some guys this morning starting, Tiger's (indiscernible), Rickie's. It can happen. It's amazing that Brooks got (indiscernible).

Q. What did you say to yourself after 13 because you had the immediate bounceback at 14?
PAUL CASEY: (Indiscernible.)

Q. (Indiscernible) I'm sure.
PAUL CASEY: But at least I did -- Johnny gave me a pat on the back. Normally I give Johnny a pat on the back for saving me. He gave me a pat on the back (indiscernible) 17 after that error, which it was good.

Q. (Indiscernible) major championship, know you're going to get -- there are going to be errors, mistakes, golf course is going to feel like it beat you up at various points. It's about that composure, those big moments?
PAUL CASEY: Everything thing this week will test you. There's a whole bunch of stuff. You see just the preparation this week has been difficult, with the weather, silly things. Because this is not a regular event. Silly things, getting in car park, it's difficult. And it's all these little things that let you -- if you're annoyed by those, it's going to detract. So you just have to roll with everything. Today's a very good example.

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