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May 12, 2019

Jordan Spieth

Irving, Texas

Q. Your game is getting closer. Your best scoring round of the year this weekend. Where do you assess where you game is?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I think I putted really well this week, drove the ball a bit better. Easier fairways to hit, especially with the softer conditions.

Just trying to tighten everything up a little bit. Today's round wasn't great but, overall, pretty solid week especially on the greens and really nice when that happens to kind of give myself a little bit more of leeway and freedom and don't have to try to force some things when I'm putting well. Nice to have the putter back.

Q. Statistically your putting is much improved this week but this is a fun week. Whenever I look around, the biggest crowds are with you, huge home field advantage, your entire family walking around with you and this pink badge has been sticking out.
Tell me what this environment means to you.

JORDAN SPIETH: It's always a special week. 9th time playing in this, which is crazy. I don't feel like I've played in a tournament nine times.

Q. You're not that old.
JORDAN SPIETH: That's what I think. The Byron Nelson just from getting an exemption in high school twice to coming in, you know, after winning the Masters and having the reception I had then and then each and every year coming over to Trinity Forest with the change, it's been fantastic.

Since AT&T has taken it over it's been a top notch event. Certainly a sponsor of mine and nice to have this for Mother's Day. It will be fantastic.

Nice to kind of do these things when you can. It's nice to have my mom there, too. She was on a girl's trip this weekend. She got in about an hour ago. Fun to see her and hopefully spend some time with her after the round.

Q. You have the best of the world this week. Next week for you have a chance to make history. I know tomorrow you said you're going to take the day off and then fly.
In. What's your mentality heading next week?

JORDAN SPIETH: I think do what I did this week and just try and limit the mistakes a little bit. I made a couple bogies this week. It's kind of that kind of first week after a couple weeks off, make those little mental errors every now and then. Fine-tuning those. I feel like my game is ready to contend. Just a matter of getting there and getting in the same group.

Q. Jordan, what did you make of your round today?
JORDAN SPIETH: I was very disappointed with even par just how scoreable the conditions are. But, you know, I feel like I made some progress. I tried to do a little bit too much today.

Like I tried to make some changes in between the two rounds that are necessary but probably didn't necessarily need to do them today, could have done it tomorrow or the next day.

It was good to see on course what they provided and freed my draw up a little bit more. Brought a couple hooks in which cost me a few shots.

It was good. Kind of like a trial run. I wasn't -- didn't really have a chance to win, I knew that going in. I thought get some on course reps, some stuff I was working on.

Q. (Inaudible).
JORDAN SPIETH: All of it. Anything that's new is obviously going to be a little bit inconsistent to start. Yeah, I'm very pleased. Like the way I putted this week, continuing to putt better and better each week which is nice, frees the long game up. Better this week than it has been any week this year. So, feels like good stuff coming. Just stay the course.

Q. What do you think heading into the PGA TOUR from when --
JORDAN SPIETH: Just that. Yeah, I think I take -- I don't take the disappointment. I take more confidence than disappointment. The actual result doesn't show really how well I played. We kind of had a tough draw the first two days and then still be, what was it 11-under for the week is solid playing on any golf course. So, I'll go to Bethpage and need to -- I made a few mental errors kind, of the doubles I made and couple of bogies I made were just unnecessary and I think that's stuff that comes up after taking a couple weeks off and playing.

So, I'll kind of look back, view the round, learn from that and hopefully kind of tighten it up a little.

Q. It Mother's Day bag, mom was out here. What is it like to play your home event with this Mother's Day connection?
JORDAN SPIETH: Mother's Day typically fallen on -- at The Players Championship. I only made the cut at The Players twice. I've actually spent a lot of Mother's days with my mom back at home.

She was out of town the whole week on a girl's trip. I saw her for the first time off the 18th hole. I didn't know she was going to make it out.

I didn't know what time she was getting in. That was awesome. The golf bag, actually looked really cool. I was a little uncertain going into it, pink bag, how would it kind of stick out out here, but I think it obviously was for a great cause but also lot of people out there and certainly to see all the pink out today and all the families out, coming out just for a nice relaxing beautiful day out here after all the weather we've had, it's been a really good day.

Q. Obviously different course here from what you'll see at Bethpage. What can you take from this to the PGA?
JORDAN SPIETH: Just the progress I've made tee to green and on the game. Just the overall game after a couple weeks off. It's nice -- out here kind of forces you to hit all the shots, even in easier conditions, it forces you to work the ball both ways off the tee, both ways on the green, use a little imagination and when you're forced to do that you start to kind of see where you feel really good and where you feel you need to make some adjustments.

The next couple days, you know, require a little bit of rest, obviously, because it's a Mayor championship. I'll plan on having a chance to win which means rest is as important as anything. Also spend the time trying to fine-tune.

Q. Did you go to Bethpage during your weeks off or first time seeing it this week?
JORDAN SPIETH: We played The Barclays there in 2016. I've seen it. I saw it then. That was obviously -- that was what, August?

So probably different conditioned golf course than what we'll see this time especially with the rain they're getting. Probably just be a little bit longer. It's a great track. I real like playing it. It's a fun course to play and you really have to be on.

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