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May 10, 2019

Jordan Spieth

Irving, Texas

Q. Jordan, two tough days of wind with a fine 67.
JORDAN SPIETH: Very pleased. I felt like I improved on yesterday which was already a solid day. I feel good on the greens. You know, one or two tee balls today maybe cost me a shot or two but, all in all, we just had some very difficult conditions. What Sung is doing right now is absurd given what we faced.

So, in a position to fire away a little bit on the weekend. Looks like the conditions are going to be better and have a chance to maybe shoot a couple low ones, gain some momentum for next week.

Q. When you have weather, cold and windy like it was today, what's the most important thing for you and Michael to kind of put your focus on?
JORDAN SPIETH: I would say it's normally let the course come to you, especially starting on the back-9, really 9 through 13 are kind of that stretch that you really just want to get through it even par and starting on 10 means -- 50 degrees and wind blowing means you just want to start the first four holes at even par and I did one better today.

I thought that was huge to get off to that kind a start, made a couple big par saves. About staying patient. Let the course come to you. I recognize once we get to the front-9 you'll get a lot of opportunities.

I felt like I hit really good shots today, ones that turned out really well. Even the ones that didn't were kind of on my line.

Q. You talk about 10 through 13. I thought the par at 13 and you got it up and down from 107 yards and made the mistake at 18, the 9th hole you came back, birdies at 1 and 3.
JORDAN SPIETH: It wasn't a misexecution (sic). I was choosing the shot I tried to play which didn't make much sense. That's the kind of stuff after a couple weeks off sometimes try to do a little bit too much and make that mistake.

It was nice to bounce back. Nice to make that putt on 1, feel like you don't lose another shot to the field on a easy par 5 and then really closed out the round nicely. To go a couple under on the last five, six holes, 3-under on the last five, I think is -- that's nice as you go into a weekend, good momentum to go by.

Q. Jordan, I think 67 is a pretty good score considering how cold it was, the conditions out here.
A chilly golf course when you arrived in the morning.

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I guess I don't know if Sung made his putt or not but it was 61 or 2, so my 67 doesn't look so good.

But going out today, if you offered me 4-under I would have taken it. So, very pleased with it. For the weekend -- you know, I've had two doubles and two bogies and I'd like to play a bogey round here or there and really get something going. Clearly everybody would like that.

Just limit the mistakes. I'm holding it in there but where I've had three, four bad drives in previous rounds this year, I've only had one each round this year but this course is pretty easy off the tee. It's about hitting greens in regulation, especially with the way I'm putting.

Q. I think this golf course really tests your patience. What I saw, your patience was really good, particularly starting out where it's such a different stretch where you start at 10.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I thought 11, 12, 13, and really 15, those are some really difficult holes to play those holes under par today. It was fantastic.

I thought that set me up to be able to take advantage of the golf course really nicely and certainly did. I mean 7 birdies and 6 yesterday, that's a lot of birdies on this course and the conditions that we faced.

Q. 137 feet in putts here in the 2nd Round. Walk me through the birdie at 8, 27 feet.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, 8. I hit a great putt on 7 for birdie and I was really kicking myself for just not reading it correctly and then certainly still went back on 8. You just cast those out, try to have the right speed on them.

I've had that putt the other way where the pin has been where my ball is before and so I know kind of how much it actually breaks and little bit of course knowledge there.

Q. Pleasure watching you play.

Q. Jordan, gets some comments on your play today, please.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I feel good about it. 7-under in the conditions that we had in the afternoon yesterday and morning today, I thought was some really solid playing. To be 9 back is a little bit unusual for -- you get done with a couple rounds and you kind of have a good feel of where you stand compared to a field normally.

I don't think I would believe 9 back because I would have a short stint on the PGA TOUR. I feel pretty good about my game these two days. Lot of birdies which is really nice to see because I can start to really fine-tune and take away those blemishes as the week goes on, as I get into this four week stretch.

Q. As you're making your way around, when was it that you saw Sung kind of run away from everybody?
JORDAN SPIETH: We crossed that group. They were finishing the 5th hole. We were finishing I guess our 5th hole as well, we were on 15, our 6th.

I saw their leaderboard at the time, Matt Every and Sung Kang were I think at like 9 and 10-under or something.

I thought that once they got towards the back-9 it would be fight for even par but clearly they had -- they both had something else in mind.

So, other than that, it wasn't typical maybe the 17th or 18 where I saw where they were. It doesn't matter. It's like out here, it's one of those courses you hit to one spot, hit to the next spot. You don't really try and do too much or you can actually get in trouble.

Q. Jordan, you've taken the longer view on this hole and the phase you're in. Is this a good step in the right direction for you today to put the birdies together to get a solid round with tough conditions?
JORDAN SPIETH: Absolutely. The idea is to try to get better each day. Sometimes score reflects that, sometimes it doesn't. This year even if I've had a poor weekend I felt like I found something to make me better long-term but oftentimes it's looked at as negative or down but I don't see it that way.

So, I just -- I know what I'm supposed to be doing, I know what I'm supposed to be working on and I know over the course of, you know, of a long career, that whether it's short-term results or not it doesn't better. It will bring belter long-term results. I feel good about today's round.

We should get easier conditions the next two days. If I play the same, try to take away the blemishes and make a good round.

Q. Bring your cold weather gear?
JORDAN SPIETH: Not enough, no. I had to call Annie on the range and bring the beanie and another layer, too. If you're -- there's no excuses if you're in your home town. You still don't pack. It was pretty cold to start today and then by the time it got warm enough I didn't feel like taking the beanie off.

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