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May 9, 2019

Jordan Spieth

Irving, Texas

Q. Your thoughts on the day, how round went for you.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I thought I drove the ball well which is the No. 1 thing I've been working on is trying to hit more fairways and, fortunately, out here they're pretty wide and it's soft so it makes it a little bit easier to do that.

Felt like I played better than I scored. Missed a couple shorter putts that led to 3-putts and little frustrating but, at the same time, rolled the ball really nicely I thought for the day as a whole.

So, I mean given the tougher conditions this afternoon and then tomorrow morning, it's just kind of about hanging around and trying to make something happen on the weekend.

Q. Walk us through 9.
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. That was kind of the tee ball I've been doing that three, four times in a round. I only had one of those today. I got a pretty good break but mud ball. Tried to be the hero and hit the green and kind of dove into the bunker.

The bunker -- my lie was great. It was a hard shot, like a 65-yard bunker shot. So I just caught it fat and 70 feet away. All in all, just a bad tee ball that set me up to kind of be behind the 8 ball there.

That was a 5-under through 8 holes, I was rolling, and I knew that once we turned on that hole, really playing 9 through 13 par was the goal and I fortunately played it a couple over but battled back nicely toward the end and try and shoot a few under in some cold windy conditions in the morning.

Q. What did you see in that hot start?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I mean, again, I was placing the ball where it needed to be. I was in the fairway. I hit every single green. Started to roll some putts and made a couple of them. Nice tap-in or two that certainly helped as well.

Q. When did the wind start acting up?
JORDAN SPIETH: On No. 8 it really started to pump. You could tell. Really 8 on it was pretty significant. We knew ahead going into it, it was forecasted to be pretty tough for our wave.

Sometimes you get the good end, you get on the bad end sometimes. Certainly tomorrow morning looks to be pretty tough given it's going to be 50 degrees and potential chance of rain and 15-mile an hour wind. It could be playing tough.

We start on number 10. It's about staying patient the first four, five holes and trying to be under par at the turn and you can start to try to attack on the front-9.

Q. Jordan, is that what makes this place so maddening for you, you had 5 out of 7 birdies to start with, you're rolling and that's the way you knew you could play, the last 12 holes is different?
Is that what is so frustrating?

JORDAN SPIETH: No. This is very different from the struggles I've been going through. It's been simply off the tee. I drove the ball well other than the one hole. Just -- harder holes. It just happened to maybe look that way to you but the first 8 holes are the easiest holes on the golf course. You'll see guys go 5, 6-under on them no problem, then you try and shoot 1, 2-under on the rest of the golf course.

For me, it was a couple over today but it was off of really just kind of one bad tee ball, otherwise it was really solid. I've been in the last groups on Saturdays and I could have told you guys ahead of time it's just a matter of time. This is different. I feel good. I feel like I'm really in the right place. It stings because it may not show given the conditions that our wave faces. That's okay. I take it better next week over this week.

Q. Talked about you and others hitting driver off the tee a little bit. With the wind that will switch things up, how does this play with the slight changes that have been made from last year to this year?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's unfortunate. It certainly is different. The course is designed to play with a really firm with a south wind and we're getting really soft and north wind. It's unusual but it does put driver in your hand a lot more.

But it also makes the fairways as wide as they actually are. When it's firm, they play effectively half the width. It's nice because you're in more holes but, at the same time, you have to shoot lower scores and the golf course just doesn't necessarily play the way it's supposed to. It's still a really fun tract to go around and one that can yield some low scores.

I saw Denny was 2-over through 5, 6 holes, even two of the easiest holes he had already played and then he made ten birdies in the last 13 or so. That's pretty unbelievable on the holes that he was playing, too.

So you never know. You get a little bit hot out here and start feeding the ball into hole locations and end up some birdie putts inside ten feet.

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