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March 4, 2005

Tiger Woods


Q. Was it pretty much feast or famine out there? You had a string of birdies and bogeys, thoughts on your round overall?

TIGER WOODS: I hit it decent today. My bogeys were caused by a couple of 3-putts and then on top of that, made some poor decisions in commitment into the greens and consequently made, you know, two more bogeys on top of that.

Q. Do you have a number in mind when you started, based on the scores from yesterday and the conditions?

TIGER WOODS: The scores were not going to be as low yesterday, not with the wind blowing like this. You would figure something in the 60s would be a good, solid score and I certainly would have had that if I don't bogey three holes in a row.

Q. What did you have in on 3, some indecision, it seems like?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, a 7-iron but just how far was it going to play. Stevie said the wind was -- it changed and came more into my face, so he called me off the shot. We were trying to get a feel for where it's coming from. It was kind of, mostly across but occasionally it would gust right back in my face so 7 would not be enough. So I had to go ahead and lean on it a little bit. I hit just a flat ball. I didn't mean to hit it that solid and that flat.

Q. 4, what is that and what shot are you trying to play?

TIGER WOODS: I played just a nice soft fade in there and tried to putt it in the middle of the green past the whole and absolutely whiffed it.

Q. Is that like commitment, what you were talking about?

TIGER WOODS: You know, I was -- yesterday I hit 4-iron and I hit it to the back part of the green and so I figured just take a little bit off of it today and just try to put the ball in the middle of the green and move on and get three and get out of there. I didn't hit a very good shot.

Q. Probably not surprised at some of the names on the leaderboard, kind of all the usual suspects.

TIGER WOODS: All of the guys have been playing well. Look at the last year or so, it's the same guys.

So that's no surprise.

Q. 3-wood?

TIGER WOODS: What about it? Yeah, new 3-wood in there this week. The problem was I've hit it so bad of late because of the change to graphite in my driver, now there's a huge difference in weight between my steel-shafted 3-wood and my graphite driver. It's too big of a jump to go from driver to 3-wood.

So I went with a 3-wood shaft that's in between the two. Still graphite, but it's in between. I went for a heavier shaft , heavier than the graphite of my driver, but lighter than the steel I had in before.

Q. This isn't the Titleist 3-wood you've had since --

TIGER WOODS: You know what, I didn't want to, but the problem was the jump was too great. I've hit some of the worst 3-woods I've ever hit and I used to never miss my 3-wood but the jump is just too great going from a light driver to a heavier 3-wood.

Q. Not sure I understand what you mean, the jump is too great, distance-wise?

TIGER WOODS: No. Overall weight, flex point and the kick point is totally different. It's just a different kick point and there's more weight in the head of a 3-wood than there is a 2-iron so there's not as much kick. So I was feeling a different kick point with my driver and the steel shaft was no big deal, it was flexing the same. But now with like graphite and a heavy steel, it's too big of a jump.

Q. You've had that club in the bag since '97?

TIGER WOODS: That one since '99. I had another one in there but it kept breaking. It kept snapping in the head so I switched to another one in '98 and '99.

Q. Are you okay with this overall score or do you think you'll have some chasing to do tomorrow?

TIGER WOODS: We'll have some chasing to do. Some be will go low. I think three of the guys shot 64 in the morning session yesterday, so they can play a decent round, shoot 4- or 5-under par, we'll have to go out and get them tomorrow.

The par 5s are reachable. The greens are soft. The only difference is the wind is blowing a little bit harder today.

Q. What kind of lie did you have on 10?

TIGER WOODS: Oh, the third shot, that's not a very good one, but it was a payback for the good lie on the second shot.

Q. Going through a stretch, birdie, birdie, birdie, bogey, bogey, birdie, what's that like going through?

TIGER WOODS: You try and get it back, and if you make a bogey, you try to keep it going and make birdie, simple as that.

Q. Was there more mud on the ball?

TIGER WOODS: It wasn't enough mud to affect the golf shot, but there was some on just about every drive we hit in the fairway. Just the way it is, but at least it didn't pick up so much mud that you could not control your flight into the greens.

Considering I was right next to the green in two on two on 10, I got up-and-down on 1, I made bogey there on 12. And on 8, I drove it in the right rough and hit a nice little sand wedge up there about eight feet and missed it. As simple as it gets.

Q. What did you have for your third on No. 12?

TIGER WOODS: 12, I had -- I should have hit 2. I had 199 to the front and I carried it 200 and just ripped a 3. I hit that as hard as I could. Not too often you hit as hard as you can a 3-iron and it only goes 200 yards. The wind was blowing straight in our face. 2-iron, I mean, it's only like 220, but it was just, I figure 2, I could have a chance of putting it in the back bunker there, and that's just the last place to put it. So I went with a 3-iron and put it in the right spot, but just hit two terrible putts back-to-back.

Q. The last few days the weather has not been fantastic, but still some fans came out to watch.

TIGER WOODS: It's surprising they came out the way the weather was last night. This morning there were some fans out, diehards, and as the weather got better and better you could see more and more people come out. I guess people in South Beach were out probably a little late last night. So we didn't have as many starting out. But hey, it was a little dark when we started out, too, so we had a hard time as well.

It's cool to have them come out and to support us and support the tournament like this, that's great. We need fans like that and we're very thankful to have them.

End of FastScripts.

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