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March 18, 2005

Tiger Woods


Q. It looked like the course held up pretty well but a little frustrating on the greens for you coming in?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I didn't hit good putts on 16, 17. Overall to shoot under par with as muddy as it is out there and as soppy as it is, it was very good.

Q. It looks like it's going to take two unbelievably low scores to stay in the front after round one eventually finishes.

TIGER WOODS: No, the guys won't be tearing the place apart. The greens are really slow, really grainy and on top of that, some of the balls are picking up a little bit of mud but not too bad. You know, if you drive the ball in the rough you're in a world of hurt.

Q. Looks like you're driving the ball well.

TIGER WOODS: That's the whole idea isn't it? Be able to shape the shots either way.

Q. Talk about 16, the lie you had?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I hit a bad tee shot, no doubt about that, but then it got a bad break, too. Just try to hack it out in the fairway somehow. I had 172 to the hole, 8-iron, pin-high to the right and then ran the putt by about ten feet and missed it.

Q. Lie didn't look so hot on the 8-iron.

TIGER WOODS: No, it wasn't. It was good enough to go over the water but not good enough to go after the flag. I felt comfortable going over the water but I didn't feel comfortable at all going a little left of that.

Q. You talk about the grains; did it change much from today?

TIGER WOODS: Pretty slow today. Slow and grainy. Ernie hit a couple of putts, same with Goose, in the grain, and we left them short, considerably short.

It's one of those things where you've just got to go and commit to hitting the putts a lot harder and be aggressive. That's the hard part.

Q. Little bit of mixed feelings that you had a lip-out there, you could have gone to 4-under at that one spot?

TIGER WOODS: Looks like I could have gone probably 4- or 5-under par, but ended up with 1. It could have been worse, too. Made bogey the last hole, too. So at least I made that putt to at least give myself some positive feeling going to my 7:10 tee time tonight. (Laughter.)

Q. What are you doing the rest of the day?

TIGER WOODS: I'm going to go practice. I'm going to go work on it a little bit.

Q. Expecting to how much tomorrow?

TIGER WOODS: All day tomorrow. I think realistically, the 6:40 guys are the guys that I think are going to get the low end of the stick there. That's about where it's going to -- when they will decide whether they tee off or not.

Q. Are you going to practice here?

TIGER WOODS: Ernie is going to Lake Nona and I'm going to Isleworth.

Q. Will the course dry out at all over the weekend?

TIGER WOODS: If we don't get any more rain and we got the wind blowing, it should dry out a little bit but still it's pretty wet. A couple casual waters here and there for some of the guys, but that's just the way it is.

Q. Can you speak to playing with Retief and Goosy? That's a marquis threesome, not your average, everyday, Thursday/Friday PGA TOUR event trio?

TIGER WOODS: Not normally the pairing that we are accustomed to getting, so it was a treat for all of us to somehow get the computer to spit that out; imagine that. Isn't that amazing? So it's kind of cool for all of us, because the only time we ever get a chance to play in a threesome like this is usually in the major championships. The U.S. Open usually gives us some great pairings, and Augusta, as well. This is one of the times that you thoroughly enjoy.

Q. Talk about your tee shot --

TIGER WOODS: Everyone was in shock. I mean, the hard part is, I guess we had a bad lie in that tee box. (Laughter.) I wanted to hit 3-wood but just couldn't hit 3-wood after how bad I hit the first one. Just hit 2-iron out somehow or in the bunker somewhere and try to get up-and-down and I did.

Q. First time you've done that?

TIGER WOODS: No, I did it at the 10th hole at East Lake. I almost whiffed the damn thing. I hit a quick snipe -- this was a couple years ago. Hit a quick snipe out-of-bounds on the bunker there on 10.

End of FastScripts.

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