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March 28, 2005

Tiger Woods


Q. 17 and 18 in these conditions, what are they like?

TIGER WOODS: They're tough. As you can tell, the wind is blowing but it's swirling, not really swirling, but like on 17 it comes up, it lays down, it comes up, it lays down. You don't know where it's coming from. You don't know which gusts you're going to get. For my short, the wind laid down, I hit over. Tommy caught a gust, short, and Robert caught another gust, short. You've got to be committed and hopefully you time it just right.

Q. What do you think it's like for one of these guys down the stretch? Funk is about to hit his shot on 17 with this kind of pressure.

TIGER WOODS: You've got to be committed to your shot and hopefully time the gusts right. That's kind of how it's been all day. I've always said, 17 is a great hole if it was No. 8, not No. 17, because I don't think a hole like that should decide a tournament.

The conditions like today, a good shot may not be on land, and that's the unfortunate thing about being on the 17th hole. It could cost you the entire tournament.

Q. Do you take anything from this weekend or Monday at all, or is it like forget about this and just move on?

TIGER WOODS: I'm going to forget about it and get ready for tomorrow. I've got to drive home and go to a gala dinner tonight and be ready for tomorrow morning.

Q. How does this prepare you for the Tavistock Cup?

TIGER WOODS: Put it this way, I'll be in shape to walk tomorrow. After all the walking we've done the last two weeks, that's been something else.

Q. Can you put into words what this week has been like, so disjointed, all the time in the locker room?

TIGER WOODS: I'll tell you, the last two weeks have been that way. I got the draw last week where I had to get up at 4:30 every morning. This week the guys, we're all kind of in that same boat, you know, so it's been a long two weeks, and I'm sure that some of the guys -- I know Ernie is taking a break, I'm taking a break to shut it down for a couple days to regroup and get ready for Augusta.

Q. There was talk that all the bombers were dominating the game the last few weeks. Talk about today, you've got the short, straight hitters that are playing well this week.

TIGER WOODS: That's the way it goes. Some weeks are going to be like that, and then other weeks long hitters are going to have their time at the top, as well. It just depends what week it is.

Q. (Inaudible) -- every now and then to maybe take away some of the advantages if you're not hitting it dead straight.

TIGER WOODS: I think this golf course -- I know it was designed to be played with no rough, and I think it's a great golf course if they just had it all fairway and bringing the palmetto bushes back in, so mis-hit shots would run right into the palmetto bushes, right into pine straw. You may have years where it's like this, where it rains and it's going to be soft and guys are going to go low, but you're also going to have years where like in '99, if it's dry like that and windy, having no rough out here, I'll tell you, this golf course would be some kind of hard.

Q. Better chance to be hard and fast if it goes to May?

TIGER WOODS: You never know, the way the weather has been the last couple years, you never know.

Q. If Fred holds on, how popular of a win would that be amongst --

TIGER WOODS: I think it would be great, like Mark McCumber winning here, hometown guy, practices and lives here, and I think it would be great.

End of FastScripts.

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