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March 29, 2019

Paul Casey

Austin, Texas

Q. Assess your match today and moving on to the round of 16.
PAUL CASEY: It's good stuff. A couple of mistakes, still, but really good stuff. It was five birdies on the bounce through the front nine from 3 onwards. Made it very difficult for Cam. Soul-crushing birdie I just made against him on 13, when he's almost driven the green about 15 feet, 20 feet away for an eagle putt and I rolled in a birdie to scupper his hopes of clawing some ground back.

It was really good stuff, because it wasn't brilliant yesterday, but happy with today.

Q. How is the energy coming off of last week?
PAUL CASEY: It's not bad. Honestly I was exhausted Monday and Tuesday. I played nine holes on each day trying to practice and prep for here, a little bit of media, as you know. But I was tired. I've tried to manage it as best I can. Tried to play as few holes as possible, which isn't going too badly.

You can kind of compartmentalize match play more than stroke play. If you have an off session like I did yesterday, that would be crushing for a stroke play tournament, but it hasn't really mattered. Hasn't had an effect. So in some regards I feel like we've sort of hit the reset button. We're now into straight knockout and feeling pretty good.

Q. What is it about this championship in particular? You enjoy match play and you seem to thrive in it?
PAUL CASEY: I've said before that especially the British kids, we play a lot of match play growing up as kids. That's what we do in club competitions, county matches. We know the format well.

There are little ways of playing it, which can be to your advantage. It's the only time we really get to do this other than Ryder Cup for us, Presidents Cup for other guys. What better kind of scenario? What better situation to be in? It's what you want to do is play the opponent, if you can. I wouldn't want it every week. But when you get an opportunity like this I relish in it.

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