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March 29, 2019

Jordan Spieth

Austin, Texas

Q. Seemed like you couldn't make any putts to go down on the back nine?
JORDAN SPIETH: I shot a couple under on the back nine. I thought that would be a pretty good score. Obviously being at 2-down, I probably needed three or four-under. And, yeah, I just -- it was almost there. I had my chances after that start to still be able to win the match. It was really just the start that hurt me.

Q. Did you think that last shot was going in?
JORDAN SPIETH: No, honestly if I had a bucket of balls, that's probably the only one that gets on the green. I got a really tough break for it to roll in the left side and go into the downslope. And I hit one in a hundred there just to get it to gimme range. I thought Bubba's off the tree hit a tree and went into the fairway instead of going left, which he has little chance of making birdie from the left. So when we were walking off the tee, I thought I was going to tie the match and then he just hit an incredible shot up there. I'd have to work too hard to win.

Q. (Inaudible).
JORDAN SPIETH: If you're going to be 4-down, it might as well be through four holes. That's just your best percentage chance to win. I'd been down early already to Billy. And I hadn't hit a bad -- I hit a couple of off-tee shots, but every other shot was struck nicely and the putts were hit well. It was unfortunate where they were going. I had a spinner out of the rough that went in the hazard. On the next hole I just picked the wrong club off the tee, not feeling as much wind as there was. I felt like I hadn't done anything wrong, just stay focused trying to get it to 2 by the turn, was our goal. And we accomplished our goal; we got it to 2-down.

Tough break on 11 and 18. They were probably -- gives me half a stroke or one more maybe to get to a tie.

Q. Just over the last three days, you feel like you got the work done to be ready in a couple of weeks for Augusta?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I felt like I progressed. If you put, even given my first four holes today with four bogeys, I think if this were a 72-hole event, I have a chance to win tomorrow based on the way I played the last three days. These are the best players in the world. So saying that, yeah, I feel as good as I have in a while about my game, for sure.

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