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March 27, 2019

Kyle Stanley

Austin, Texas

Q. Congratulations on the win. This really turned on. You guys were all square making the turn, and you made some big putts down the stretch. Talk about the match.
KYLE STANLEY: Yeah, you know, I won a couple of holes on the back nine with pars. He got out of position a couple of times. But for the most part I thought both of us played pretty well on the front. This is a tricky golf course. I mean, you know you're going to win some holes with pars out here. Fairways and greens is pretty good out here.

So Louis is a great player, a really good ball-striker, so I knew he was going to be a tough opponent, and I happened to scoot by him today.

Q. Just spoke to Tommy Fleetwood, who you'll play in your next match tomorrow. He won. That's a big match now, because you both have a win. If you can get to that second point, that's huge?
KYLE STANLEY: Tommy is another great ball-striker and he's in really good form right now. He's had chances to win the last three or four times he's played, it seems. So, yeah, he's going to be another tough opponent. But I think everyone is this week, when you take the best players in the world.

Yeah, looking forward to tomorrow, and hopefully more of the same.

Q. You and Tommy both used the word to describe this course as "tricky." What does that exactly mean?
KYLE STANLEY: Well, it doesn't necessarily always reward good shots. These greens complexes are, as you can see, a lot of tiers, a lot of slope, and some difficult pin positions. You've just got to be conscious of where you leave your second shots. And in addition to that, if you can keep it in play off the tee, hit your second shots out of the fairway, it makes the course a little bit easier.

But, yeah, if we were playing a stroke play event here it would be difficult. It's a fun match play course, though.

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