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March 27, 2019

Paul Casey

Austin, Texas

Q. Congratulations. You lose only two holes today. Had to be a continuation of your great play last week, don't you think?
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, I feel really good about the golf game, obviously. This is a golf course which is tricky. Anything is possible. Certainly some bad numbers are possible. But, yeah, I feel really good about the game. Both Johnny and I, just take Johnny's guide around here. It's a tricky golf course, I rely on him heavily around here. His knowledge is so good. It's one of the best rounds I've ever played around here.

You just try to manage the energy after last week. That was pretty tiring, but good tiring.

Q. I would hate to play you in match play because you're such a good guy, and you're funny and you're affable, and you're a conversationalist, but you're trying to just sizzle these guys out here. You're a mean guy to play, Paul.
PAUL CASEY: None of that stuff is true, by the way. I'm a complete and utter nightmare, ask my wife.

You know, I'd like to think I'm difficult to play, mainly because I'm just very consistent. I can get hot with the best of them, but rarely do I give up a lot. So that's difficult to play against. I'm maybe not the best putter out here. That can be very difficult to play against.

But I've played a lot of match play and had some success. If guys don't want to play me, then that's a nice kind of position to be in.

Q. How is your golf game doing now?
PAUL CASEY: The golf game is pretty good. I think the difficulty is the energy. I was tired yesterday. I was tired on Monday, but came out here just to -- because if I stopped, I could have taken Monday off, but then it would have been too much to do on Tuesday. So I just pushed on through. I was shattered yesterday. How did I do it? In bed by 8:30, that's how you do it. It's the only way. I felt like I was at home with my kids, exhausted.

Q. How did you play?
PAUL CASEY: I played really well. I played good. This golf course, it requires very different shots. I don't feel quite as comfortable on this golf course as I do at Innsbruck, but the format obviously -- if I hit one in the hazard on the second or the penalty area on the second and it doesn't matter as much, I guess, just move on.

So yeah, game's good, game is solid. Ball-striking is good. Good decisions. Luckily I've got Johnny, as well, so it's not just me. If I'm a bit tired, it's one thing, but Johnny is right there next to me. He's got a good game plan, played really well.

Q. You said you packed an extra dozen balls. Was there any danger that you would lose anymore?
PAUL CASEY: There's always a danger of me losing lots of golf balls. When Johnny started working for me, I used to throw about a dozen golf balls in the bag, just habit, is what I used to do. Johnny refuses to carry any more than nine, and there have been occasions where we've got very close to tearing through that. Normally we take them out, if we chew them up with a wedge, we'll replace them it. If we make a bogey, usually I'll change it out. There's been more than one occasion where we've gotten down to the last golf ball, and I pray that he hasn't given them all away to the little standard bearer or something like that. Standing on the 18th at Sawgrass, I hope he's got more than one in the bag, because it could take three to get down to the hole.

Well, the old Stevie Williams story at Pebble. If it's true, one of the greatest store sis ever.

Q. (Inaudible).
PAUL CASEY: Less golf balls, and I want to beat the traffic.

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