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March 24, 2019

Paul Casey

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. We talked this couple times this week how much it was a pleasure for you to come back here and defend your title from a year ago. Now that you've defended it perfectly, what are you thinking?
PAUL CASEY: This feels very different from last year, it feels better, I'm enjoying this one so much more. Today it was a struggle, but all week has been so cool to be defending champion. When Tracy West and the great organizers said, what do you want on the back of your bib, and I went for the champ, because I am, and I thought, let's just roll with it, let's just stand up there proudly and do it. And it's been so much fun, the crowds here they have been cheering both myself and Dustin on all day and everybody else in the field, but it's proud to be anybody's champion, the Valspar Championship is a great, great golf event and the people around here who support it know what I'm talking about. So to be their champion again I feel very proud and honored.

Q. Johnny's already got, the champ times two, already on the back of his bib. Obviously so many factors on your win, but 15-under on the par-5s this week, that had to be pretty special.
PAUL CASEY: I didn't know that. I played them well. Tee shots like 1 are actually so difficult as you know, it's so narrow those fairways on some of these par-5s, three of them are almost blind for the second shot. That's big. I'm not the longest guy out here but I can still shift it for an old guy. I guess I need to take advantage of those holes because some of the par-3s around here are so brutal you're always going to play them over par. The Snake Pit, you're probably always going to play that over par for the week. Anybody that plays that under par for the week is a magician. So make hay while the sun's shining and we did that. I mean, what a golf course, a great field and 8-under is the winning score, 10-under I think was the winning score last year. It's not like it's tricked up, it shows what a good golf course and some firm greens will do.

Q. Nine years from your first win on TOUR, 12 months from the last one, I would expect a lot more and I'm sure you do too.
PAUL CASEY: Yeah, thank you very much, yeah, looking forward to getting a couple more if I can.

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